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PINPOINT Salinity Monitor

SKU: 205402

  • A Good Guide By Andrew on 3/28/14

    I calibrated this device using the included solution & when I tested my water it was off by .01. I also use a Milwaukee Digital Refractometer and the calibrating solution. I would say that it is a handy device for checking the salinity of your water but not a failsafe for say a saltwater mixing bucket. The salinity jumps around a bit during the day from 51-52 on both my reef tanks. And, yes, I do have a ATO unit, its the Tunze that I really like. Right now looking at my 70G reef the salinity reads 52.2 and I tested the water on both of my Milwaukee Refractometers and its at 1.025 which should be a reading of 51.3. On my 50G reef the reading is 51.8.

    As I stated before, I would not use this as my primary device but more of a guide. Both probes are in the sump and low flow areas, away from light and a water temp. of 80 degrees.
  • Working well for over 3 years. By SoLiD on 11/14/11

    It takes some getting used to, but you have to convert the reading to Specific Gravity using a chart. I've left mine on for over 5 days with it constantly reading by accident without any negative results. If you have stray voltage from a pump, heater, or power head your readings will bounce all over the place, so be sure you don't have those issues first. It does what it says and it's pretty easy to remember that 53.0ms = 35ppm = 1.0259.
  • accuracy and a time saver! By David on 5/19/10

    considering how many times, i check salinity/SG, i could have saved hours of time by using this monitor earlier.
    i first tested it with two different calibration fluid samples and the unit was consistent with both.
    it is very easy and quick to use. simply insert into water, swirl a bit, and wait up to 1 min for temp equalization. then read the number.
    my only regret is not getting one sooner.

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