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  • Why should I use a UV sterilizer?

Emperor Aquatics Smart UV LITE 25 Watt

SKU: 204901

  • Great! By Dan Thomilson on 3/13/2013

    Great product! I wish ACRA didn't post 3 poor reviews, because this is better than the rating he gave it, just follow instructions and you'll be fine. This unit is so much better than any UV I've tried in the past, I don't know if it's really strong, or the others were way underpowered, but it's fantastic! I've never been so happy with a purchase, high quality, great customer service (had a few questions before the purchase), and overall one of the best additions to my tank!
  • Just A Warrning! By acra1 on 4/21/2012

    U/V sterilizers a must I think,with SPS. Just a note: for those purchasing E.A. for first time,when they say check for water leaks before plugging to outlet. It's not just your plumbing there talking about,the unit comes partially assembled,make sure you take it apart and check compression fitting on quarts sleeve. No warranty on water damaged bulbs,I found out the hard way.

    To first time buyers of E.A. ,unit comes pre assembled except for bulb . make sure you disassemble and check compression fitting on quarts sleeve.
  • Great UV By John on 3/2/2012

    Having used the aqua UV 25w in the past on tanks this one seems to be a more efficient UV and more user friendly with much more contact time.
  • a+ By Erik on 8/29/2010

    I have read a ton of stuff about UV not being worth while. Everyone has a right to there opinion but when added this to my system I found I went from cleaning my glass twice a week to twice a month. I also have never encountered any disease in the tank and I do not quarantine. I think much of the bad rap UV gets is based on the tiny hobby models. This thing is huge.

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