Salifert Copper Aquarium Test Kit

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Salifert Copper Aquarium Test Kit

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  • Good product By on 5/28/2013

    This is a good test kit. Bought a yellow belly hippo tang and planned on a treatment with copper. This is my monitoring test. It's very easy to read and the test only has one step to add 5 drops. I am glad I went with salifert. I use all there kits so no surprise I liked it. 4 stars because 5 means no room for improvement.
  • Simple, Quality Test By on 10/27/2010

    This was my first Salifert test and I am quite impressed. I particularly like that the directions also tell you HOW to read the results. They don't just give you a color card and let you have at it. I recommend this test for those treating with copper since the sensitivity is adequate and the cost is reasonable.
  • It's Critical to Monitor Copper Levels when Dosing By on 7/22/2010

    Thanks guys for offering this copper test! Salifert is well-respected in the Reefer's community and this test couldn't be more accurate! Under or over-dosing copper when using to treat Marine Ich can be ineffective or deadly for our fish unless we monitor the copper level closely. This test fits the bill!

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