Salifert Ammonia Aquarium Test Kit

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Salifert Ammonia Aquarium Test Kit

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  • Yikes - ZERO READING By on 12/19/2014

    Used during a fishless cycle with ammonia being added to the tank. I had bought this because if their reputation and expecting something more accurate than the API test.

    This test never came off zero as others described. I did get money back but can't recommend this test.

    Love the Alk and Ca tests they produce.
  • Use at your own risk!!! By on 3/18/2014

    In a word .... crap. It would have been nice if the description of this product included the range of values measured. This test does not read higher than >2 ppm so it's virtually useless for use during startup. I suspected it wasn't working when I couldn't get a reading higher then 1.5 ppm even after multiple ammonia additions. Finally. I spiked my sample with a few drops of pure ammonia and it still didn't read higher then 1.5 ppm. I purchase an API kit and retested my water ...... it was >8 ppm. Time wasted, RO/DI water wasted, salt wasted .... can you tell I'm upset? Don't waste your money.
  • Easy to use (but confusing low reading) By on 4/29/2013

    Overall: I would buy again

    - Directions are easy to follow
    - Performing the test is quick and easy

    - Cloudy low result (<0.25) is confusing

    Note: I picked this test kit because of accuracy. My tank never had an ammonia spike due to live rock and sand so all I have ever seen is the cloudy result. I think if you have an ammonia spike during cycling it might be easier to interpret the low result because you have seen the color change over time.
  • screwed up my fishless cycle. no ammonia reading whatsoever By on 3/30/2013

    i bought this to measure ammonia for my fishless cycle. like the other reviewer i also got no ammonia reading after >12 tests over 10 days. i follow Dr tims instruciton for fishless cycle and dip the ammonia chloride. i tested for ammonia evreyday and its always 0. its always a cloudy white solution. i never dose the ammonia over 2 therefore i shouldnt get a 0 reading. i even dilute my water sample just to see if it was becasue my water has way too much ammonia. but it was still a white cloudy solution. i then did a water change and put a piece of shrimp meat in it. i measure ammonia everyday still no reading. i am thinking of asking for a refund. i wasted almost 2 weeks becasue of this test kit. becasue i dont know if i have too much ammonia or too little. ps i bought nitrite and nitrate salifert tests at the same time and their results were normal unlike the ammonia one. :-(
  • Not perfect but.... By on 3/8/2013

    Easy to use, very consistent. Only problems I have is my kit never reads above 1.5 ppm no matter how much ammonia I add. Not ideal but it still serves it's purpose. The other thing is the vial gets a white film on it that's difficult remove due to the odd shaped corners.
  • My test kit was a dud By on 1/28/2013

    It did not read any ammonia during my cycle. I tested with two other kits, both of which read over 2PPM. I understand this happens, but I prefer the tried and true API kit for ammonia.
  • Great Product By on 1/9/2013

    Easy to use product that was accurate. I used it to make sure my tank was fully cycled. Amazing quality for a good value. Not as advanced as some but does the job just fine for me. Thanks BRS!
  • Accurate Test Results By on 10/11/2012

    I bought this item and the tast was quick and accurate
  • Not crazy about the color trip. By on 8/31/2012

    Like the title says, I am not crazy about the color strip. However I cannot fault salifert 100% because it could have just been the ammonia content of my water. I'll be using this when I start up my second reef tank.
  • Solid By on 8/12/2012

    Very solid product, easy to use and accurate. Only downside is the cheap flimsy packaging which turns to mush if you keep it around water. Recommended

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