Salifert pH Aquarium Test Kit

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Salifert pH Aquarium Test Kit

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  • Fast By on 5/2/2016

    Fast and easy to use 5 ml of water 6 drops of reagent swirl 10 seconds compare color and your done. The whole process takes less than a minute and I always get consistent results with this kit. It's the only pH test kit I've used and I see no reason to change.
  • Accurate By on 4/25/2016

    I already use a ph probe to measure my PH. Every now and then I will use the Salifert PH test kit to see if the PH probe is doing it's job - this test is accurate and comes on point with my PH probe reading.
  • It works By on 1/14/2015

    These are easy and accurate.
  • Really Good Price By on 12/15/2014

    Really easy to use
  • Good test kit By on 2/13/2013

    Accurate and simple to use. Colors match up exactly as the picture card given nothing in between
  • Used for years By on 12/21/2012

    I started with Salifert test kits many years ago and I have always been satisfied with the ease of use and their accuracy. I won't order anything else
  • Good Test Kit By on 10/11/2012

    Good accurate tesing from kit
  • EASY, ACCURATE, QUICK By on 7/27/2012

    I've made the mistake of buying cheaper test kits in the past. Do it right the first time and get the good ones. Salifert has never let me down.
  • can not match colors By on 7/20/2012

    I have never go a result from this test that matches any of the colors on the color strip. I am left guessing that olive green is somewhere between blue and green but not the light green on the scale. Maybe I just got a bad one but I am totally disappointed.
  • Extremely fast and easy test By on 7/16/2012

    This test was extremely easy and fats to test. Some other salifert kits require waiting a few minutes as well as many steps. NOT THIS ONE! This test is almost fool proof. Much more accurate and trustworthy than other brands.

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