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Salifert Phosphate Aquarium Test Kit

SKU: 205106

  • Waste of money By bgp on 2/7/2014

    I have used the other Salifert test kits and really like them. However, this kit keeps giving false readings. I have been comparing the reading of this kit with my digital reader, and its readings are way off. Better to stick with the Hanna meter.
  • Good Test Kit By John on 1/9/2013

    Salifert does a great job with test kits but I will be upgrading to a digital read out checker for phosphate. I am a big fan of salifert test kits but just hate comparing shades of blue. I'm no art major....
  • Great Product By Jonathon on 11/26/2012

    I have been using this test kit for about 6 years. Never had any problems. Seems to be accurate and easy to read. I would note that I can only compare it API test kits however.
  • Great test By Steve on 8/14/2012

    I hate taking tests but these water tests are easy to take and pass. LOL. But really its reliable and easy to read.
  • Great kit By Alex on 7/31/2012

    I bought this kit to replace my API kit. I got tired of trying to distinguish between 6 almost identical shades of blue and this test makes it extremely easy to interpret results.
  • Another great Salifert product By Scott Nelson on 4/21/2012

    Again, after using another brand to test my water for phosphates, I purchased this product to make sure my Hanna Checker is working, and they match up perfectly. Again, reliable, and easy to read
  • easy to use By Michael on 2/6/2012

    Strait forward to use test, much easier that the previous test I owned that involved emptying packets of reagent into a container. Not sure how easy if will be to read at very low levels, but in my unfortuneatly high phosphate tank, the color was easy to determine.
  • Overall Great Product By Greg on 9/23/2011

    Only negative is that you have to compare colors on a chart and have decent lighting in the room. I usually do the more sensitive test where you double the reagents to get a more precise lower scale reading. Quick and price per test can't be beat for an overall great value.
  • Great & Easy to use By Mike on 5/7/2011

    I love this kit, never any questions on the reading and it very easy to use.
  • oldie but goodie By cocugreek on 5/1/2011

    I know these kits are loosing favor but for me the tests are not too time consuming or difficult. The low end phosphate levels are hard to discern unless you use natural light and little shadows. I would go with the Hanna checkers for sps but for a mixed reef like mine it is acceptable.
    As a side note, for those with sps I would still have this kit handy as a back up (not electronic) and to use when testing your gfo effectiveness. Run 2 tests simulataneously with the salifert and compare the color of the vials from the water of the tank and the gfo reactor h2o. Change if the gfo is showing the same phosphate level as the tank. Less wear on your pricey Hanna checker.

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