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Mag-Drive Supreme 24 Pump (2400 GPH)

SKU: 202207

  • Powerful Pump By Brad on 4/25/2013

    I use this pump in my basement sump to return to the display tank 10' above with no problem. I had to restrict the flow until I added a 1" eductor nozzel in the tank. Now it is wide open and giving really good movement in the display as well. So it is powerful, but it is also loud. Mine is in the basement, so I don't care, but I couldn't run this in a tank stand.
  • Its a monster By Marcus on 10/2/2012

    It move a ton of water i have this on my 120 FOLR setup as the only pump it's feeding the tank, skimmer, UV, and carbon reactor and there is still enough flow left over that i can flood my tank if i wanted to. On the down sides it's noisy and it does put quit a bit of heat into the system just added some fans seems to be ok
  • Awsome By Steven on 9/7/2012

    This thing is a BEAST, it moves a ton of water. I am using it as my return pump for my 320gal.
  • good pump, but... By Duff on 7/26/2012

    Good pump. Deliver what it promises in flow rate, but uses a LOT of energy and makes too much noise. 265W running 24/7 adds up at the end of the month. I wish I had bought more energy efficient pump like tunze silence pro or reeflo instead of this at this price.
  • Nice By Pat on 1/6/2012

    Beatiful pump. I have had this pump running for a year now. It was a little loud at first but quiets down with time. Plenty of power. I have it in my sump which is in the basement.

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