Salifert Magnesium Aquarium Test Kit

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Salifert Magnesium Aquarium Test Kit

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  • Good Test Kit! By on 7/21/2016

    Hey everyone...well this is a really good test kit. I only gave it 4 stars because of one reason. I think everyone will agree with me on this it does take some time to actually use the kit. Also I noticed that unlike the ALK and Calcium test kits for Salifert where you can add 80% of the reagent at one time then dial it in with this magnesium one it seems like you definitely cannot do that. What I do is add a few drops swirl and once I get to where I think its close I do it one drop at a time. But I would say the first 50 ml marks on the tube you can do a few drops swile and it works fine. Also definitely do a gentle swirl and just for a second or two. No need to go crazy. It's a great kit though and if you do it the way you're suppose to it's pretty accurate
  • Peace of mind - great kit By on 4/19/2016

    I don't test for Mg too often (before and after dosing BRS 2 part Mg), but this kit is quick and easy to use. Up there with other Salifert test kits.
  • High quality, low price By on 4/10/2016

    Had a Red Sea test kit and always got inconsistent high readings. Talking with others at a local club this sounds common with that brand. With the Salifert kit I get consistent readings in the range I would expect so I tend to believe it is accurate. Again, talking with others at a local club, some have compared results to results from a mail in test service and it has proven to be accurate. Test is easy to perform and results are easy to interpret....and the cost is lower than most.
  • Works great By on 3/14/2016

    I use this test frequently and have been pleased with the consistent, reliable readings.
  • easy instructions great results By on 3/14/2016

    easy instructions great results
  • Easy to use By on 2/20/2016

    Tried this after frustration with Red Sea Mg test. This test is much easier to use.
  • Best Mg test kit we know of in the hobby. By on 11/25/2015

    We formerly used the Sea Chem Reef Status. That kit requires the precipitation of interfering ions followed by a filtration. Accuracy of the kit became suspicious after running a few dozen tests and observing how the readings did not increase in spite of spiking the system with MgCl2 and MgSO4.

    The Slifert kit is a very quick titration with fewer steps. It does appear to have more believable readings. For example, upon assaying our system water for the first time, we realized the impact of dosing all that extra magnesium (when the previous kit indicated the Mg level barely increased).
  • Easy to use and accurate By on 8/3/2015

    Test is easy to use and accurate.
    Just bought a new kit to replace the old Salifert kit and the results are identical
  • Better than the rest By on 1/14/2015

    Easy and precise. It is night and day better than those test kits where you are trying to figure out which shade your sample falls under.
  • Easy peasy! By on 12/19/2014

    This is a very simple and easy test kit to measure Magnesium. I have nothing bad to say about it.