Salifert kH/Alkalinity Aquarium Test Kit

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Salifert kH/Alkalinity Aquarium Test Kit

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  • Easy test By Jason P. on 12/31/2014

    This is a very easy test. Will buy again.
  • Accurate and Precise By B on 12/19/2014

    I love the consistency you get from the syringes provided with the kit. Use regularly for Alk, Ca, and Mag
  • Good Ol' Salifert By david on 5/20/2014

    My preferred test kits for everything but phosphate, maybe go with one of the Hanna's for that.
  • Great Product By den on 9/26/2013

    Easy to use and accurate like my other Salifert kits.
  • Great product By David on 4/29/2013

    I got tired of dealing with the API conundrum of "the tube color really isn't any shade on the chart". I finally made the switch to Salifert and I'm not looking back. The Alk test is actually pretty easy to use once you get the hang of the syringe. I really appreciate the accuracy that Salifert delivers.
  • best kuts out there By garys reef on 4/28/2013

    These kits are acurate and easy to use a must have with a reef
  • Reliable Test Kit By Brad on 4/25/2013

    kH is the easiest of the tests, color change is obvious. Can be a bit slow if you are trying to be very accurate.
  • for testing your levels this is the brand to go with By Chris on 3/21/2013

    i have tried other kits on the market , and this is closest to a hanna checker with out the extra cost for a digital test. took a couple times to make sure your read the instructions close... on the money test.
  • Dead on By Jonathan on 2/22/2013

    Salifert kits are always sooooooo accurate, I'll never use anything else
  • Great Testkits By Paul on 2/21/2013

    Great testkits. I have tried many other brands of testkits, but I always come back to Salifert. They are easy to use and accurate. With the KH testkit you can use the low resolution and usually get more than one hundred tests.

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