Coralline Purple - Oceans Wonders Reef Epoxy

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Coralline Purple - Oceans Wonders Reef Epoxy

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  • great By hans24hrs on 12/15/2014

    By far the best puddy I have used. Great color. Ad hears to rock work with no problems.
  • Good epoxy, but there is a caveat By madmanhiker on 12/11/2014

    This epoxy does work, and yes, it sticks to high heaven. Some tips, use latex gloves when preparing, don't use a ton to get the job done either. Some advice: This WILL cause your protein skimmer to overproduce bubbles - in a big way. I have a 90 with 3 small areas where this epoxy was used to create perches for future frag growth. My Reef Octopus NWB-150 SSS started producing crazy bubbles...... still is in fact. Need to run carbon and a LOT of it to suck up the "reef safe" toxins this is producing to get the skimmer back to normal. Also, I used this on clean, dry base rock. During reef scaping, the tank was dry and empty and I built the entire reefscape on a PVC backbone. This epoxy had 3 full weeks to dry and cure out of water - and it still leeches today. Just sayin............................... good luck.
  • The best epoxy ever By Isaac on 4/22/2014

    It stinks! But really! So does all Reef Epoxy. This stuff bonds quickly, looks alright, and works magic combined with super glue. I don't stick anything in my tank without it! Very mailable, and a quick dry time.
  • Best Reef Epoxy I have used to date By Chuck on 3/14/2014

    I just used some of this to prop up some rockwork, and I am very impressed. It is much more sticky underwater than any other epoxy I have used. In general, reef epoxies seem to take on a slimy and slippery texture when under water, but this epoxy remains firm and rubbery.

    Based on my experiences, I'm going to order some more. This will be my go-to reef epoxy going forward.
  • I am satisfied By cdbstl76 on 3/17/2013

    I don't have a lot of time elapsed with this product yet. Time will tell how effective it is. So far though, so good. It is maliable, seems to be holding what I needed it to in place, and has cured hard under water. I am interested to see how long this bond will last over time.

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