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Mag-Drive Supreme 9.5 Pump (950 GPH)

SKU: 202204

  • Good pump By Derek on 1/3/2014

    I use this to strir up my salt water mix and then pump it into my display during water changes. Its a powerful pump and also lets enough heat off to not require a heater in my saltwater mix bucket. However I wouldnt use it in my display tank as it is quite loud compared to my Eheim. But for what i use it for its great.
  • Puny Pumps By RAJ on 11/24/2013

    These are toy pumps. Tiny impeller can't pump against a head.

    And they can get hot and heat the tank even when run NON submerged.

    I had a mag 7 on a 300 gallon tank doing the UV. That one pump overheated my tank from 80D to 88D. I have Iwakis (external pump) that put far less heat into the water and are 10x better.

    Spend the extra and get an external panworld, little giant or Iwaki. All better than these.

    If you need submerged I would get a Eheim over these.

  • nice pumps By ROGERWILCO357 on 9/8/2013

    Well I love the ease and setup of this pump small foot print and works like a champ . the only issues i have had is when I want to take them apart to clean the impellers the screws always break they need to redesign them or use a different metal screw. I have had mine on for 4 years or more and just now had to replace the impeller but broke the screws luckily i had another unit on stand by ..
  • Pump is Pumping By GraysonReef on 6/14/2013

    I am running a 65g with 20g sump. 9.5 mag pump with 3/4 piping. I just started this hobby 3 weeks ago and took the plunge into building a reef tank. (total rookie)

    This pump is working like a champ. I used a couple of 45 instead of 90 elbows and my drains can barley keep up :)

    For a 1st timer, this pump is perfect and a no brainier to hook up.

    It does have some minor vibrations, but I have not done anything to dampen the sound.

    Could be my install, could be the pump design.
  • Best pump By Ronald on 3/24/2013

    Really love the out put of this pump. i think its puts out more than whats on the box. Its a little loud due to vibrations if have it off level, but easly fixed with some rubber feet or pad. Great deal for the money. Great customer service from BRS and shipping. I like the when i place an order they get it out that day all, with email confirmations.
  • excellent pump! By Arnel on 1/16/2013

    affordable, powerful, and quiet!
  • Good quality for the price By Scott on 9/5/2012

    So far this pump is everything advertised. In my opinion the pump is not loud at all. Honestly I can't hear it over my skimmer or overflows. It just does what its supposed to do with no problems. Really like this pump for its cost
  • quiet and compact By nicholas on 8/29/2012

    very quiet and compact. i cant even hear it run in my sump. MAG pumps are great large output with a few feet of head pressure at pox cost.
  • Customer service and Warranty are non existed By Lance on 5/10/2012

    I bough Mag 9.5 from about 6 months ago . The pump suppose to have 1 year on impeller and three years on the body. The Impeller ceramic shaft broken. I contact the Manufacture SIX TIME and I don't hear a thing from them.
  • great pump By chris on 3/25/2012

    Great pump for its price. The pump is strong and i have had one running for almost six years now without a problem.

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