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Coral Cradle Frag Mount – 10 Pack

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Coral Cradle Frag Mount – 10 Pack

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  • AWESOME! By STEVE on 10/21/2013

    I finally found a plug that will stay in place and not be blown around in my tank, not even my snails can knock them over. At first they were getting knocked over by the flow in my tank, but i didnt realise that they actually lock/snap into place onto eggcrate. I can drop some glue into the center of the plug and not have it run everywhere and securely attach my coral into place. I can place so much more frags on a piece of eggcrate then i could before. I can actually turn the whole piece of eggcrate upside down and not have the frags fall from the rack. I can also push the legs of the plug into styrofoam blocks so that my frag floats upside down if i bag the piece for shipping and it works very well, making sure the frag is always submersed in water. The only draw back is that it is made of plastic, but my corals have encrusted all over them and cant see the plastic anyway...2 thumbs up !!
  • Love these plugs! By troywalkerphoto on 4/9/2013

    I love these plastic plugs! I tried them for two reasons. I wanted plugs that would not act as an algae magnet and that there would be no leaching whatsoever from tank to tank. I wish more people used these. When is purchase a new frag the first thing I do is remount to these thereby eliminating the possibility of contamination of both water quality and parasites that may have found a home in the original plug from its home tank.
    I thought at first that the design was wanting as they blew over in moderate flow but then I realized that a twist locks them in securely!
    This is my plug for life!
    Suggestion for improvement:
    Texture on the top of plug with a smaller disk that way they could be mounted to rock with a more natural appearance.
  • Not Bad. . . By Alan on 2/20/2012

    thought this may not get the job done and i was wrong . . . these things are great!
  • Not for me By Cory on 2/6/2012

    The frag plugs do have a really good design, BUT I don't like the fact that they are made of plastic, they don't stay on the frag rack with any type of flow hitting them, the frags aren't heavy enough to hold the frags on the rack.
  • Buy something else By Hi Salenity on 3/6/2011

    I don't like them at all. They have knobs that keep them from rotating in the egg crate and that is good and bad but The plastic plug is not ideal for permanently mounting or gluing to rock work.
  • Coral Cradle By gary on 3/3/2011

    These are very useful for anyone who frags their corals. I like to always have them on hand as you never know when you will find that speical little coral that needs to be mounted. I would recommend these to everyone.
  • Versatile By Jay on 11/8/2010

    Really like these plugs, great for SPS and softies. The indentation on the top is really nice for keeping the glue contained when you are mounting SPS frags, really nice product!
  • Best plugs I've ever used By Matt on 8/16/2010

    These are somewhat expensive compared to ceramic or aragonite plugs but you absolutely get what you pay for with them. I used to have problems with circulation pumps blowing my frags around but these lock into eggcrate perfectly and very securely. I don't even need to use putty epoxy to glue frags down because the little cup holds a substantial amount of superglue very well. Hands down best plugs for eggcrate, period.
  • Versatile By Brandon on 8/9/2010

    Very versatile. Top quality. Great price. Need I say more!
  • I love these plugs!!!! By Jason on 3/4/2010

    I have been using these BRS black plugs for over a year now and I absolutely love them. The plugs are so diverse and I can easily attach all my frags from SPS to leathers with these unique plugs. The nubs on the bottom of the plus make rubberbanding softies to them easy and the indention on the top of the plug is perfect for holding a little pool of superglue for sps mounting. Two thumbs way up.

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