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EcoPlus Dual Digital Timer

Titan Controls Apollo 9 - Dual Digital Timer
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  • Titan Controls Apollo 9 - Dual Digital Timer
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EcoPlus Dual Digital Timer

SKU: 204810
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  • Not as expected By Doug on 3/31/2015

    The Product is fine but not what I expected. I Was hoping that you could set the timers for each individual outlet but it's on and off for both.
  • Excellent Product! By Dimitri on 3/26/2015

    For me they work fine they do what I want, I wish they could have setting for every outlet just like the other timers. they are easy to set-up and work fine I have bought 3. I do recommend them.
  • Awesome timers By michelle on 1/23/2015

    I have been using 2 for our business for a few months. little trouble figuring out. but, once you got it, they work awesome. lots of day varietys!
  • Nice timer By icereefer on 1/11/2015

    I have this timer set up on my Skimmer cleaner run 2 mins every 6 hrs. Been working great.
  • Great Item By John on 12/6/2014

    The Titan Controls Apollo 9 - Dual Digital Timer That i got from BRS is stii working just fine. Will be getting two more shorty
  • Not a long term purchase By Z on 11/24/2014

    Bought two of these units about five months ago. One worked fine for four months and then stopped working (all that was plugged into it was a string of LED lights), now a month later, the send one failed (two florescent fixtures were plugged into it). Based on others having similar failures, I would not recommend buying these.
  • 3.5 stars By Kevin on 8/23/2014

    it is a half way decent timer for use with the brs doser's I just think there are some tweaks that could be done to make things a little better. when setting it up the if you want to make sure it runs you have to set a cycle and wait for it to cycle on and off. one of my other tweaks they could make is to have the plugs through the front of the timer in the limited space where my powers trips are its tough to put a plug in on the side of the timer, but it does work as it should and hasn't lost time in a couple of months , i am buying three more for my new build.
  • Easy & Quality By Tbone on 5/25/2014

    Very easy to set. The built-in battery back-up is a plus. I use three of them ... Two of them for II part dosing multiple times a night and morning and the 3rd one runs a low power air pump that runs multiple times a day for just one minut each timee.
  • Works Like a Charm! By Dimitri on 2/28/2014

    Mine worked fine from day 1 until today, I bought 2 and I will be buying 2 more! easy to use, easy to set up.
  • Does a wonderful job!!! By A. GRANDIS on 1/14/2014

    Still using the timers and they are just wonderful.
    I've never had problems to this date.

    Once I pressed a wrong bottom on the timer and it when crazy.
    I don't know what bottom was pressed. :P
    I used the small white reset bottom and the timer went back to normal.

    I had lots of people asking me more info about the timers to be used with Kalk reactors as I do.
    There are many ways to used them with different reactors…

    Here are the basic tips I have for those who don't need too much Kalk:

    - I make sure the time is correct on the timer and every month I correct the minor 1 or 2 min. off to keep it running perfectly on time. That isn't necessary at all to have the timer running though.
    - I use the timer with the BRS 1.1ml/min. to dose Kalk very slowly into the system (drip, drip) and leave it running for the quantity of kalk I need for that particular system. That will depend on how much the system needs, really. I only leave the pump running for like 30 min max. at a time, once it's not designed to be on 24/7. I had left the pump on for 45min at a time before and never had any issues. The timer will allow 8 different time sets per day to dose.
    - Never had problems running the Kalk reactor during the day and still having a fairly stable pH. The pH is still lower during the night, naturally, but it doesn't get too high during the day, when lights are on. Works great for me!!
    - My system has the kalk reactor basically to keep alk and Ca levels in check for coralline algae. I don't keep hard corals.
    - I do have another system with ReefKeeper running a home made type of kalk reactor today, but that is is a more complex and expensive dosing system and could be unnecessary for most people. The combination of Aquamedic Kalk reactor and the 1.1ml BRS pump with this timer is the most inexpensive way I fond to keep the needs of my tank. I don't use the 50ml/min BRS pump because it will dose Kalk too fast with the timer, once the minimum setting allowed is 1 minute. I've tried that and didn't like. Best and safest way to dose Kalk is with the drip-drip rate.
    - To clean the reactor is very easy and much better than the still reservoirs with ATO system IMO, which could in some cases get clogged with the Kalk. To prevent that it would be wise to clean the line with some vinegar once an a while. with the reactor there no need for cleaning the lines once it has only fresh water going into the reactor and the clear mixed kalk solution overflows into the system through a 1/2" outlet. Never gets clogged. The reactor mixes the kalk 24/7 also, to make sure the new incoming water will get well stirred into the solution. No problem. Time saver!! It's also much easier to remove the reactor and clean a small piece of equipment than a bigger container. Remember that with the still reservoir with Kalk the bigger the container the less amount of times you'll be mixing, so the messier and hard to clean it would be. Besides, you'll need room for that. The reactor occupy a tiny foot print into your cabinet.
    -The reservoir I use to feed the water to the reactor is cleaned every 6 to 12 months, if needed. I fill up the water into the small container once a week. I like to add some kalk to the reactor every 2 weeks to give it a boost. One can do that by unscrewing the cap and just lifting up to add the kalk. No need to turn if off.
    - So basically to set the timer you need to figure out how many ml of Kalk you need per day and divide that by 8, setting the timer through the day for the dosing. You can set the dosing times only for the nigh, when lights are off, if you wish.
    - I've tried the other brands of this type of electronic timer and they all work great!!!! I didn't see any major differences between the brands to tell the truth.

    Hope this helps who wants to use the kalk reactors with timers.


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