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Mag-Drive Supreme 5 Pump (500 GPH)

SKU: 202202

  • ok By Bill K on 12/3/13

    Pump worked good for a week then it kept tripping my circuit breaker .Called the manufacture had to send it to them to inspect why and they send a new pump with in a week
  • Just as great as it is LOUD. By John on 11/12/13

    This is a GENERAL purpose UTILITY pump. Think "industrial". If you're looking for a whisper quiet pump (heck, even just a quiet pump), look elsewhere. But, If you need a powerhouse of a pump in a location where noise isn't a factor, buy one of these right now. Since this pump does exactly what it advertises, I almost gave it 5-stars, but since most of us prefer/need quiet pumps, I opted to dock it a star.
  • Too noisy and rattles By SkipperGoby on 7/19/13

    I am setting up a 34g reef tank (my third reef tank). This pump is too noisy. Even just suspended in the water without touching any surfaces it rattles and buzzes loudly.
  • Moving water By iiiiiiiiceman on 5/11/13

    I have ran the pump in its work just fine. For transporting water from point A to B it work just fine. I got it to pump water 30 to 35 feet away. Money well spent.
  • Try Something Else By BkTriniBoy on 5/10/13

    Not sure if I just happen to be the lucky winner but the pump I got brand spanking new was clicking loudly and humming like a mens choir. I contacted Danner and they are shipppng me a new impeller to see if that could be the issue. I will admit that their customer service was pretty decent. I however would not purchase another pump from them. Eheim or Sicce seems to be the better options out there. Pay the extra money and get the piece of mind that you are searching for.
  • Reliable / Noisy By Ryan on 3/9/13

    Okay pump, I have it for my 55 Gallon tank with 10 Gallon sump, It is a bit noisy, I have used silicone to attach it to the tank, and also placed blue filter foam around it and cannot get it to quiet down. also produces a good amount of heat, it keeps my tank at about 6 degrees hotter than the air in my house. 76 currently. Other than that, it pushes water great and seems reliable I have not given it the test of time. the box says it is warrantied for 5 years.
  • Last Forever! By Matt on 12/1/12

    I've had a Mag 7 going strong for the past 7 years. I haven't replaced the impeller or even cleaned it. These things are tanks!
  • Very quiet pump! By Pat on 11/28/12

    This is a very quiet and well made pump.
  • Loud By DKujo on 6/12/12

    Contrary to the other reviews, I was very unhappy with this pump. There is a terribly loud humming noise, almost as if there is a rock in the unit, bouncing around. Please do your interenet research before buying this product. These pumps are boasted for being reliable, but do your research and you will see that I am not the only one with noise problems with this pump. Guess I have a new pump to mix water now.
  • 3 years and still going By Manny on 6/6/12

    These pumps just don't wear out. I had a problem with flow in my old tank and thought I needed a new pump. When I took it apart after 3 years of no maintenance, the inside was still looking great and working like new. The problem wasn't in this pump, it was someplace else.

    They are like the old Timex commercials...takes a lick and keeps on ticking!

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