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Mag-Drive Supreme 2 Pump (250 GPH)

SKU: 202200

  • prohibitively loud, rattles By Nils on 8/3/2013

    Incredibly loud, rattles, repeat plugin or increased afterload does not change that. I got this because the mj1200 cannot handle the jamming biopellet cartridge but this pump is worse.
  • hard to say since it is not working very well right now By bbees on 5/28/2013

    just installed this pump to replace my current sump pump and first impression it was a bit noisey but not hateful - after about an hour or so it became very hateful and sounded like it was going to beakup in there so I shut it down - havent spoken to BRS about it yet but I'm hoping they will swap it for me since it must have been a bad pump....
  • Good pump for my needs By David on 7/18/2012

    I also am using this pump at my water changing/mixing station to move water around between two 30 gallon containers. I also like the fact it comes with thread which made my rigid plumbing easier.
  • Great pump By Jim on 5/1/2012

    I purchased this pump for my 25 gallon can for fresh water top off and my new saltwater mixing can. Work great for the purpose.
  • Good Value By George on 2/4/2012

    I bought 2 of these pumps to move water between my holding water reservoirs and the display tank. The pumps are solid and well built. They do a great job for moving the water around. For the price I would buy them again if I have a need in the future.
  • Quiet, good flow, efficient By alb on 11/29/2010

    I use a couple of these small Danner model 2s to run a salt mixing station; they're plumbed in as external pumps in a closed loop. What's nice about these pumps for this application is that most competitive smaller, low-wattage pumps don't come tapped for pipe threads like these do; the pipe threads eliminate rube-goldberg attachment solutions. These pumps are very quiet and really move water, with low energy usage.

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