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Reef Octopus Diablo XS 200
Protein Skimmer

SKU: 204051

  • Great skimmer, bigger than you might think. By Jason on 4/18/14

    I bought this to replace a Reef Octopus 150 that couldn't keep up with my 150 FOWLER. Don't let the pictures fool you, the footprint on this thing is BIG! It is a lot bigger than it looks. I had to put it in my sump in pieces, but I have enough room to remove the collection cup for cleaning. That being said, it works great. I gave it an overnight vinegar bath before installing so it was "broken in" as soon as I put it in service. It pulled out ALOT of scum the first week. It doesn't pull out as much anymore, but I believe that is because there isn't as much to pull out anymore.
  • Awesome on a 180 Reef Tank! By Doc on 4/16/14

    I upgraded from a 75 gallon reef to a 180 four months ago and on the recommendation of a BRS tech I purchased this skimmer. I am one of those people that likes to feed my fish often. But this skimmer keeps my water crystal clear. On my last tank I had a constant algae problem. Now I have to supplement with algae strips to keep my snails alive. This skimmer is amazing. I will say it didn't break in during the cycle period until after I added fish. I was worried there was a problem but not at all. I also took Vic's advice and added a rubber quick el from home depot to the out take. I am running a mag 9.5 with a 3000 gph capacity overflow in my living room and this thing is pleasantly quiet. I need to clean the collection cup about every three days because this skimmer pulls a lot of funk quickly. You can rig an overflow into a larger container if needed. This product is worth the money.
  • Excellent Skimmer! By Mark S on 1/30/14

    I got this as an upgrade to my old unit that just didn't seem to do anything. As soon as I set it up, I had it pulling gunk in a couple of hours. Once I saw what it was doing, I kicked myself for not getting one sooner. My old skimmer was worthless compared to how efficient this works. It's a no brainer. Just pony up and get it because we spend so much on our tanks and a skimmer is VITAL.
  • It's Still Working Great!! By Scubaman on 9/17/13

    It's been 6 months since my original purchase post and I am still extremely happy with my purchase. My fish load has reached 40+ of various size fishes and my water is crystal clear.

    I went on a 7 day trip and used the drain hose for the collection cup to a old salt bucket because the cup wouldn't hold a weeks worth of scum. The smell was bad but the collection was great; my fish were all fine without the daily attention.

    I'll say it again; this skimmer rocks!!
  • I just got my Diablo-200XS Skimmer and I am loving it! But I hated the water I found a fix! By Vic on 6/9/13

    I just got my Diablo-200XS Skimmer and I am loving it! But I hated the water I found a fix! So I wanted to share! I went to Home Depot and bought a 2" (50 mm) rubber QWIK ELL PQL-200, cost was about $8.00. I took the hose clamps off and it slid snuggly right onto my water outlet and now it directs the water back into the sump without the noise. I did have to adjust the valve a 1/4 turn to get it back where Ilike it. It is over a day and it is skimming like no ill affects. Pictures on Reef2Reef
  • Awesome Skimmer, Kinda Spacious By Scubaman on 3/6/13

    The Reef Octopus 200 rocks!! My old skimmer of 10 years just wasn't doing the job so I did quite a few searches and inquiries with other reefers about a reasonably priced, efficient skimmer. The skimmer of choice was the RO.

    I put it in the sump of my 180 and it's polishing the water; I can tell the difference in the 24 hrs its been in service. The picture doesn't do justice to the size. Check your space requirements and if it fits get it NOW!
  • Couldn't imagine a better skimmer By Ben on 9/21/12

    I come from a nano hobbyist background, who recently upgraded to a 175 gallon set up and wanted a great skimmer for a great price, I came across this skimmer and haven't read a bad review so I thought I would give it a shot, this being my first skimmer I really didn't know what to expect. Let me tell you it is awesome, it was a little noisy at first, but after the pump broke in, I can barely hear it. and it pulls "gunk" out like crazy, very easy to dial in with the gate valve, literally had it dialed in within 2 minutes... also very easy to set up. I live neat BRS, so I could pick it up same day as I ordered it, and the service received once I got there was fantastic... Will definitely buy from them again.
  • Perfect for my 90G By Joshua on 9/4/12

    Purchased this one as its the largest that would fit in my short cabinet. I works great and has high flow!
  • Amazing skimmer By Rich on 8/24/12

    I just know where I could have bought a better skimmer than this one I sure got my monies worth and much more the best part is that it really works great.
  • Great skimmer By John on 3/2/12

    Dollar for dollar it is hard to ignore this skimmer. Not going to skim like a BK but for $1000 less you get a great capable skimmer that still pulls the gunk.

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