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  • Aquascaping with Reef Saver Rock

BRS Reef Saver Dry Aquarium Live Rock

SKU: 000701

  • great looking rock By zach on 4/14/14

    First time reefer and I wanted to start from scratch. This rock showed up in the mail and let me tell you what...great lookin stuff. The best part is that they didn't have to take this out of an ocean to get it to me. I recommend getting this if u want to start a reef tank or just adding it to an already existing one. Five star product! !
  • Great looking and good value By Matt on 4/9/14

    I ordered 100 lb of this and was pleasantly surprised by the actual size and amount of rock I will be ordering more and would highly recommend you order some and see for yourself how good it is :)
  • Absolutely Perfect By Ray on 4/6/14

    I've been a little leary purchasing rock and coral online unseen but this, hands down, surpassed my expectation. This rock is wonderful and is absolutely perfect in my 110 reef aquarium. Bulk reef hit it head on. Thank you!!!
  • The best rock I have seen dead or alive By MinnFish on 4/3/14

    I don't know what was better the rocks or the staff (picked up my order from facility). The rock was more than I expected. And, the place has a great a feel to it. It must be a great place to work. Now, back to the rocks. I did not ask for a specific size or shape. My plans was to create 3 islands with a shelf between 2 of them (33 long display). To my surprise, that's exactly what they gave me. Either they are mind readers or great at what they do. What a great start to a new build.
  • Great rock By Eli on 4/3/14

    This rock stacks unbelievably easy. It's almost as if the pieces were meant to go together. Excellent!
  • Perfect By Patrick on 4/2/14

    Just great. Better than a life because you get bigger pieces. ( cleaner too)
  • Clean, great size variety By Shelly on 3/31/14

    I ordered 30 lbs of this and 30 lbs of Pukani plus 10 lbs of rubble for my 65 gallon with a 20 gallon sump. The pieces were shipped in great condition with very little breakage. I'm very pleased with the sizes and shapes that were included in my order. I used nearly all the rock and about half the rubble for a beautiful aquascape.
  • Really nice pieces! By Art_z37 on 3/30/14

    I love my rock! It has tons of hideouts for the fish and it looks great in the display tank! All you need afterwards is some live rock to help seed it and your all set!
  • Stacked just as easy as in the video By Jay on 3/30/14

    loved it, my wife even commented on how I was able to create different looks with the rock before settling on the one I liked best. If the wife notices you know it has to be good. ;)
  • Great rock. Very nice. By Mike on 3/22/14

    Ordered 45 pounds of this rock for my 90 gallon and it was very easy to aqua scape and fits well together, great buy!

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