BRS Reef Saver Dry Aquarium Live Rock

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BRS Reef Saver Dry Aquarium Live Rock

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  • I'll Take Aquascaping on the Rocks for 200 Alex By William on 4/29/2016

    I will probably never start a new tank with live rock, ever, never ever again....... ever! The reef saver rock is great. You are reducing the impact on coral reefs, you are receiving a great product that is easy to aquascape, and it was very porus, which I was impressed with.

    Once again, this was a product that was bashed on the forums, I tried it anyway, and I had a small fear that it would not be as porus as I would like, but I was wrong. The stuff fits together like a 3D puzzle, you can take all of it and make it look like one big rock, if thats what you are in to these days. Great product and always friendly service at BRS!!
  • Best Rock I Have Ever Used! By Gerald on 4/25/2016

    Rock was very easy to stack and locked together great. Pieces of rubble can be be glued to the seams to make it look like one rock structure instead of just a pile of rocks
  • Looks Great. By NewFisher77 on 4/18/2016

    Everything I expected, cant wait to see it change with age.
  • Great rock at an awesome price. By Mae on 4/17/2016

    I requested and got several pieces of medium to smaller sized rocks, all of which linked together beautifully in my 29 biocube. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone looking for an alternative to live rock.
  • Great Rock By I love reefs on 4/9/2016

    I placed and order for 70lbs and received 77!!! Love me some freebies, the Rock was really well packaged and the pieces where great. Will definitely be ordering more soon.
  • nice looking rock By pap on 3/22/2016

    Nice rock. cured for 2 1/2 weeks. put in established tank. time will tell.
  • Second Time Great Again By Sbappe on 3/21/2016

    Second time ordering this rock. The first time I asked in the checkout comments for a couple large pieces, not really expecting them to go through the trouble of giving me what I asked for. To my excitement, I got exactly what I asked for. This time I didn't ask for anything special and they gave me a wonderful variety of sizes and shapes. I was expecting to have to chip and chisel away to scape it how I wanted but with the variety they gave me none of that was needed and the end result exceeded my vision. I've been using this rock for months now in two tanks along side Fiji rock that I started with. I'm going to keep sticking with this stuff from now on and interlace it with lace rock and shelves. Works wonderfully. My first order with the 2 large pieces I was able to chisel, not exactly how I wanted because it was crumbly and I hadn't worked with it before but now that I know how to work with it I don't see a problem in the future if I ever wanted to chisel caves and stuff. I bet it would dremel amazingly. Months of having it in my tank, absolutely zero complaints of leeching or any other kind of quality. I have to give them props for one more thing too. The packaging was jam packed with packing peanuts and I had absolutely nothing broken. Barely even any little rubble in the bottom of the bag. The large two pieces I had some little pieces broken off but I was planning to chisel away at it anyway and create a little more rubble for my jawfish to build with and for my fuge so it just freed me up of some work. Like I said, I will keep on buying this.
  • Very happy By Adam on 3/9/2016

    For what it is, you can't beat the price. If I could do it over again, I would go with the pukani dry rock because it is a better quality rock in my opinion, but I am also very happy with this rock.
  • Not What's in the Picture By Todd on 2/22/2016

    I got one nice rock. The rest had pieces broken off (not from shipping) on every side that made it hard to set the rock for display because every side and angle have huge ugly spots. Don't bother asking for specific types of rocks. They ignored my requests (not unreasonable).
    It's ok rock. It doesn't have anything on it, and that's my main reason for using it. None of the rock they sent me looks as good as the rock in the product picture.
    Would I do it again? Probably not; maybe for base-rock.
  • Rock is crumbly By Joseph on 2/21/2016

    Not sure if it's a actual word but I can only describe after a year, it has a crumbly texture and with some decent hand force I can break some chunks off of it. I'm talking about a 5-15 lb size rock. Little pieces break off when I take them out to do some cleaning. Couldn't say for sure, it's seem to leach and contribute to phosphate. Maybe I got a bad batch but I"m going real reel reef rock from now on.

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