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BRS Reef Saver Dry Aquarium Live Rock

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BRS Reef Saver Dry Aquarium Live Rock

SKU: 000701
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  • The test of time By Robert on 4/22/2015

    Started a new tank a year and a half ago. Only used this rock mainly for the price and was a little worried that it would take very long to cycle and not look good. Well 18 months later the rock is all cured and covered in coralline. It cycled in three weeks and my tank is clear from all the common little nasties like glass enemonies or worms. Don't second guess get it.
  • Nice rock By Andrew on 4/15/2015

    Ordered 100 lbs to set up my new 120 gallon tank. When it arrived by UPS the boxes were beat up. I waited a couple of weeks to unpack it and found some very nice large pieces. But, there was also 17 pounds of rubble. Not to fear. The BRS customer service rep had me snap a picture of the rubble and refunded me for the rubble. Great product. Awesome customer service.
  • Great for glue less aquascaping By Guahan Reefer on 4/12/2015

    This rock is prob. the safest and best way to go with aquacaping your personal reef. Virtually legos in rock form with minimal gluing necessary. Rock comes completely clean with no old/unwanted pests attached which makes cleaning a breeze.
  • Great product Great price By Zoemma on 4/8/2015

    I bought 30 lbs and the four rocks I received seemed heavier. They were large and very porous.
  • WILL ORDER MORE By Paul on 4/7/2015

    I ordered 20lbs of this rock and couldn't be happier!! looks great and when put together it looks natural, not like a bunch of rocks stacked on top of each other. It came to me in all kinds of sizes. Its just an awesome product.
  • Good looking rock! By Wylderhoads on 4/4/2015

    Besides the minor shipping destruction of this "semi-brittle" rock, it looks great, connects together well, and has lots of surface area and slots for new coral frags, when that time comes.
  • Love the rock By Carl on 4/2/2015

    I got 100 lbs of the rock. It is very nice sizes big and medium very little breakage. Goes together very easily to make a very impressive landscape. Very clean. I would order again.
  • Great rock By Greg on 4/1/2015

    Well packaged nice selection of shapes and different sizes.
  • Awesome! By Kim on 3/30/2015

    This rock is awesome! The BRS guys are always super great to work with too. I placed a recent order for this, and asked for smaller pieces to stock my nano tank, and they sent a great assortment of small pieces. Just perfect!
    Thanks again, always a pleasure to do business with!!
  • BRS REEF SAVER DRY LIVE ROCK By Traclly on 3/30/2015

    I felt the rock was really clean, looked good and very porous. I have used Marco Rocks before and this I felt was equally good and cheaper. I was pleased with the rock. I admit I felt the packaging could have been a little more secure as UPS was a little rough with it so one of the rocks broke into rubble and box was almost busted but overall I am satisfied and the rock was good sized and really does looks great. Would recommend it for sure.

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