BRS Reef Saver Aquarium Dry Live Rock

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BRS Reef Saver Aquarium Dry Live Rock

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  • No Phosphates! By on 4/20/2017

    So I am setting up a new tank and was going to buy live rock from the LFS but heard of some horror stories about getting nasty hitchhiking critters. I currently have no pests in my tank and didnt want to start now. So I ordered the BRS reef saver dry rock but some said even dry rock would have a lot of phosphates in them and they would have to be leached out before putting in the DT. I got a large trash can put the rock in and let it soak in fresh salt water with a power head and heater for 24 hours...then tested the P04 and my Hanna checker said 0.00. I didnt believe the meter so I soaked some food pellets in ro water for a few min then tested and got a reading of .64. So I tested the dry rock container again for the next several days and am still getting 0.00 on the Hanna checker! Dont know if I just got lucky with this batch of rock but really happy about No Phosphates! now I can just cycle the rock for a few weeks and it will be ready to go into the DT without the worry of leaching phosphates for the next 6 months or longer! Great Product.
  • Great rock, super easy to connect pieces together. By on 4/5/2017

    Great rock to make aquaecapes! super easy and is cheaper then all the other rocks i have seen, will buy more in the future for sure!!
  • Great! By on 4/3/2017

    Great rock at a great price. Very porous rock. Easy to aqua scape with. Will purchase more in the future.
  • Awesome By on 4/1/2017

    Very well packaged, Very generous with amount, and they accommodated the sizes i wished for (was easy enough, over softball size, and under football size)

    Overall, another great experience. Thanks goes to all BRS employees!
  • Great By on 3/31/2017

    This is great rock. It looks good and fits together seamlessly. Can stack it easily
  • Great all around !! By on 3/30/2017

    Just great from the rock to the delivery!
  • Great Rock! By on 3/16/2017

    I ordered the Reef Saver rock in hopes it would fulfill my needs after all reviews I read. Some said it broke apart easily and or the rock was too big as far as pieces for their tank. Let me tell you, I specified what size tank I had and what I planned to do i.e. 28 jbj need medium to smaller pieces. I ended up with 7 pieces with a few smaller rubble-esque pieces for the tank. The aquascape that is set up now is perfect....the only problem I have is, how do recreate this aquascape after it's emptied and washed. lol. I asked for pieces that provided a couple of "caves" and an "arch"...fully delivered! My guess is that people don't utilize the notes on "checkout" to specify what they want and or need. Handle that...and you get what you want. Thank you BRS! This order was awesome! BTW, the rock is way more porous than it even looks in the pictures. The rock was placed in a bag and surrounded by "peanuts" or "marshmallows" as my daughter called movement and no breakage. It takes some thought to arrange as there are multiple combinations. Just tell them what you want and they will oblige. Awesome job!
  • Awesome rock! By on 3/13/2017

    Very happy with the assortment of rock they sent.
  • BRS Included The Size Rocks I wanted By on 3/10/2017

    I've ordered this rock before. Easy to aquascape, great for bacteria, looks more consistent than pukani or fiji, however, last time I ordered 35lbs, i got 6 basketball sized rocks, and didn't know you could request a specific size. This time I ordered 35lbs and requested rocks the size of a football...They did an incredible job finding abt 15 nice looking rocks the size I requested! This is why I will always order my rock from BRS.
  • Rock is heavy By on 3/9/2017

    Rock is heavy comparable to size, ordered 10# of this and 5# of pukani, ended up with about the same amount surface wise of both types of rock. This rock weights quite a bit more than the pukani.