BRS Reef Saver Dry Aquarium Live Rock

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BRS Reef Saver Dry Aquarium Live Rock

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  • Reef Saver Rock By on 10/21/2016

    I was very skeptical about using this rock. However after receiving the product I find it to be top notch. It is dusty when first unpacked and it does crumble a little. I did not find it to the extreme as other reviewers. I bought some glue to adhere the pieces together and did not use it. Aquascaping is a breeze as it truly locks into place. I am sure after seeding and cycling this rock will be as good if not better than any rock I've used in the past. I bought Reef Saver over Pukani for the ease of aquascaping and the dry Pukani still has sponges and other dead organisms I chose not to deal with. Can't wait for it to be covered in coralline algae.
  • Excellent By on 10/19/2016

    Very nice rock very porous rock. Stacked very well. I was impressec woth the amount of rock i got for the weight that i bought
  • Nice stuff By on 10/15/2016

    This is nice looking rock. I am setting up a second tank with dry rock instead of liverock since I ended up with a couple of nasty critters. This is a great alternative.
  • Heaven on Rock??!? By on 10/8/2016

    -Doesn't Impact The Environment
    -Easy To Aqua Scape
    -Easy To Make Into Sizes That You'd Like
    -BRS For The Most Part Sends Rocks I Desire (But They're Not Mindreaders, Crazy Right?)
    Sidenote: Just Top It Off With Some Tonga Shelf Rock
  • Good looking rock By on 10/5/2016

    Looks good in my tank. Ordered 11 lbs and got 3 rocks but I broke one up and it was very easy to do
  • Not Reefsaver By on 10/3/2016

    I ordered 30lbs of reefsaver and all I got was regular base rock. There weren't any intricate holes or anything as would be on real reefsaver and Marcos Rocks
  • Fantastic rock By on 9/29/2016

    I bought this rock for my 40g breeder. It came in 3 large pieces which fit perfectly. I chose thos over live rock because it doesnt have an impact on the reefs and the price! I thought it was going to take forever to cycle and im already getting nitate readings after a week with ammonia cycleing. I paired this with carribsea live sand and bio-spira and its working amazing. THANK YOU BRS
  • Awesome By on 9/24/2016

    Used in conjunction with live rock in my 14gallon biocube.
  • Great rock By on 9/19/2016

    Great rock
  • I like it By on 9/17/2016

    It came well packaged, several large pieces and stacks beautifully just like described. It is very dusty and should be rinsed before being introduced to the tank. it's super easy to work with, if you want smaller pieces it's easy with a hammer and chizel to break off some pieces and shape the larger ones. There are no pieces of dead or dying anything and should cure perfectly with the cycling of the tank.