BRS Reef Saver Dry Aquarium Live Rock

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BRS Reef Saver Dry Aquarium Live Rock

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613 Review(s)
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  • Awesome rock!! By on 1/17/2017

    Sooooo easy to aquascape with! Didn't leach phosphates or anything (as others warn with dry rock).
    Hint with the epoxy: less is more!

    Will buy more for my next tank!
  • Nice By on 1/14/2017

    Great rock and very clean. I have purchased the rock a couple of times, requested specific sizes, and the order was filled. Recommended if you need additional rock.
  • Nice By on 12/19/2016

    Super clean rock and very porous.
  • It's rock By on 12/9/2016

    Well what can I say it's rock with that said it's great for base rock but not that great for surface area for your beneficial bacteria do your self a favor and add murine pure also and really increase your bacteria.
  • Very Nice By on 12/4/2016

    This looks fantastic on top of being of minimal impact on the environment! I ordered 20 pounds for a nano reef tank and was impressed with the size of rock. I will be picking up more for any other tanks that I will be doing in the future!
  • 3 big rocks By on 12/1/2016

    First off, the rock is excellent. Nice and full of nooks and crannys. But frankly after receiving my order I'm a little upset. I ordered 40 pounds for a 30 gallon tank. (I wanted extra so I could have various sizes to aquascape and leftovers for a small fuge.) I opened the box to find 3 pieces of rock around 15 pounds each. Because of this aquascaping is limited with 3 big rocks that probably will not fit right and overall just look stupid. Variety of sizes would be nice, and frankly, expected.
  • EXCELLENT By on 11/15/2016

    I am completely new to reefing. This was by far my father best decision I made. The rock looks beautiful in my tank.
  • Very nice rock! By on 10/31/2016

    This rock is very nice looks great and has lots of large holes. It's not very porous through and through so it isn't as good for bio filteration.It really looks great though!
  • Excellent By on 10/31/2016

    Very nice dry rock, stacked very well. Ordered 25 lbs and was surprised at how much of this rock it was
  • Reef Saver Rock By on 10/21/2016

    I was very skeptical about using this rock. However after receiving the product I find it to be top notch. It is dusty when first unpacked and it does crumble a little. I did not find it to the extreme as other reviewers. I bought some glue to adhere the pieces together and did not use it. Aquascaping is a breeze as it truly locks into place. I am sure after seeding and cycling this rock will be as good if not better than any rock I've used in the past. I bought Reef Saver over Pukani for the ease of aquascaping and the dry Pukani still has sponges and other dead organisms I chose not to deal with. Can't wait for it to be covered in coralline algae.