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BRS Reef Saver Dry Aquarium Live Rock

SKU: 000701

  • Good but By David on 9/14/2014

    Good quality rock, just make sure you say if the rock is for a nano tank. Im assuming they will give you smaller pieces. I made the mistake and didnt say anything, ended up getting x2 massive boulders for a 38 gallon tank.
  • Great rock By Devin on 9/10/2014

    Easy to aquascape! looks great!
  • good quality By Chris in KC on 8/28/2014

    this rock looks just like it came out of the ocean ... all i had to do was hose it down for a minute ... will buy more when i start my bigger tank i am planning.
  • You don't really get what you pay for... By Jordan R on 8/23/2014

    You get something with MUCH more quality than you expect for the price it's listed at.

    First the rock comes packaged VERY well. It was in a thick plastic bag with a really strong twist tie to keep everything secure. I only found a centimeter-long tear along a seam and that was extremely surprising considering the porous and unique structure of this rock. It arrived in a sturdy shipping box FILLED with peanuts which protected the rocks from becoming rubble. Out of ten pounds I MAYBE had half of a cups worth of rubble/dust.

    It has holes and ‘hide-aways’ all over every single piece. I actually took a screw driver and made more holes by just poking through the thin walls of the existing holes/ caves and it looks even better which is hard to believe! It was dusty, which is to be expected from dry rock, but washed away in a few light rinses of RODI water. The pieces I ordered for my 10G AIO were a little bigger than I had expected but that same fact proved to work in my favor. I needed baseball sized pieces to make archways/’cliffs’ and I received 2 pieces slightly larger than a softball and smaller baseball size pieces. When I went to break up the softball sized pieces they came apart in the perfect arches/unique shapes I was envisioning.

    I did not have any BRS customer service issues with this order whatsoever. The ordering process was a breeze, the packaging was tip-top for ‘a box of rocks’, they gave me more than I had ordered (10lbs but package said 12.1lbs), and finally the quality to price ratio is out of this world with this product. I can’t WAIT to give BRS my money next time I’m in need. Thanks y’all!

  • Did I get your attention? By Gotcha on 8/17/2014

    Good! Because this rock is epic!

  • Best Dry Rock Around By Kelly on 8/11/2014

    When I picked up my order of rock, I was surprised that there were little rubble pieces. The rock was VERY pourus and light. Plus it is very easy to work with if you want to be creative with sculpting. Well worth it for the price.
  • Perfect Rock By Greg on 8/11/2014

    Sure you can get shelf rock or Tonga branch or whatever. But you'll still need a base. This rock fits the mold for both base and a full out aquascape. Cycling the rock was fast and I haven't seen any PO4 leaching. If I have any complaint it's the amount of rubble that was in the box. But I saw the warning and knew to expect some so I ordered 5lbs extra for insurance.
  • Great Value By Felix on 8/1/2014

    Used this to start a 65g last october. It comes in great large sizes which can be broken down and shaped to your liking. Stacks great and kind of interlocks with each other.
  • Nice Base Rock By Chris on 7/22/2014

    Make sure you cure this before adding to your system if it's going into an established one. I would recommend curing for about 2 weeks longer than you think you should. I cooked this rock in heated salt water for about a month and it wasn't quite enough when i added it to my system.

    Easy to aquascape.... very porous.... lots of hiding places for critters.
  • Good rock. By A on 7/15/2014

    It is a good way to reduce pests. I am not sure why people fight with live rock so much.

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