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  • RO/DI Booster Pumps

14" Aquatec 8800 Booster Pump Kit

SKU: 200216

  • It works By NH Dan on 4/10/14

    I just received this pump setup a few days ago. I also bought the 150 gpd upgrade with it. I am on a well and could only get about 40 psi. I hooked up the pump and pressure switch and I am getting a steady 70 psi. The pump is quiet and has really increased the water production.
    It does what it's supposed to. Good product.
  • Rocks.. at over a 100 PSI By Chicago on 4/3/14

    Ok.. this pushed my PSI from 48 on the incoming to over 100. Not sure since my gauge only goes to 100. I understand it is advertised to push water PSI to 115.
  • A must have By David on 3/25/14

    This a must have for your RO/DI unit.
  • Exceptionally Quiet By Phenganax on 3/12/14

    I was expecting this pump to be fairly loud and was concerned because of where I have it in my apartment; however, it was quieter than my Bak-Pak 2. I also have readings of 70 psi after my second membrane, I would highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to increase their psi or add a second membrane. I was also concerned that it would be too much pressure for my 15 gallon pressurized RO reservoir and that the pressure valve wouldn’t shut it off. Much to my satisfaction this has not been a problem, the whole system works flawlessly now!
  • Works great! By Bageezus on 2/28/14

    Really boosted my pressure. Works perfect. Took my pressure from 30psi to over 60!
  • Great By Adam on 2/9/14

    My RO/DI dripped out clean water but after using this pump is flows out as fast as the waste water. Huge improvement. Highly recommend if water pressure is your issue.
  • Works as Described By Tim on 2/6/14

    Cold winters in Canada showed me that I needed to up my system to 150 GPD. I only have 60 PSI out of the tap so I needed this pump. For my application it works great!! I had to actually turn down the pump as it increased my PSI past 100. I tuned it down to 80 - 82 PSI.

    I will say the pump is a little louder than I'd like. The one thing that I'm not thrilled with is the noise of the PSI gauge. I have the default air filled gauge and the pump causes the dial to (flip flop) and that = noise. BRS support states that Glycerin filled gauge will nullify this. I have yet to purchase that.
  • Outstanding! By RiffeShooter on 1/17/14

    I purchased this with the 150GPD Water Saver RO/DI kit and I have to say, this is like adding a turbocharger to your water output! Has a consistent pressure of 85 psi and blows that water out. Another simple to install BRS product that saves the day!
  • Excellent value for your system By chris on 1/16/14

    Before installing this my dual membrane system was operating at about 35psi. My system was producing about 50/50 product/ waste water. After installing this booster i am operating at 70psi and my water to waste production is around 75/25 product/ waste water. This thing is a must have if you want the highest efficiency possible out of your system.
  • Boosted PSI By Adam on 1/8/14

    My house has fairly low water pressure, around 40 PSI or a little under most of the time. I purchased this pump and now I am getting around 85 PSI. This will be perfect for when i order the 150 GPD upgrade for my RODI.

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