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14" Aquatec 8800 Booster Pump

SKU: 207951

  • It's amazing By Zukari on 9/2/2014

    Moved into a 100+ year old house - and guess what I forgot to check? My water pressure! This thing took my horrible 40PSI and took it to 100+ on my RODI 75GPD Unit! I now make 5 gallons in minutes.
  • New pump. By Curtis on 4/21/2014

    I set up my RO/DI system and after watching the video on I seen that my water pressure was on the low side 39- 42 psi. I ordered the 8800 pump and now I have it set for 78 psi. the RO unit work even better with the upgrade in pressure.
  • Very good Pump. By icereefer on 4/19/2014

    My old pump was jumping up and down in pressure so it was time for a new one. my old one lasted for over 10 years, so I figured why look at a different make pump I know these are dependable, and to be able to custom adjust pressure,what can I say Great Booster pump!
  • Any pump just won't do. By Manfred on 2/18/2014

    I already had a good RODI system with the 6800 version of this pressure pump. I was only getting a trickle of RODI water. I bought the glycerin filled pressure gauge and saw I was only getting 50 on the pressure gauge and about 35 gallons per day. I upgraded my system with the Aquatec 8800, the pressure gauge, a 75 GPD membrane and flow restrictor and another canister to go to a five stage system all from BRS. I now have 82 registering on the gauge and about 3.1 gallons per hour. Needless to say I am a very happy camper. Kudos, BRS!
  • Excellent addition for private well setup By Martin on 2/1/2014

    I went almost 2 years before breaking down and adding the booster pump to my BRS RO/DI 5 stage unit. Wish I had done it a LOT sooner. The pump was simple to install and so far works great. It is a little noisy, but it isn't on that long. It has effectively doubled the water production due to the increased pressure through the unit. I knew my well pressure was a little low and it fluctuated, but no longer. If you are on private well water, get the pump. You won't regret it and you will save water.
  • added 50 psi By Alabama Reef on 1/27/2014

    took my 40 psi well water pressure up to 90 psi, quiet, just what I needed. This one you need to add the transformer.
  • Great Product By allan on 4/3/2013

    My initial water pressure was about 30 psi...after the install the pressure is just shy of 90 psi. Very quiet and works as advertised. Don't buy the cheap knock offs that are out this one.
  • 8800 Booster pump By Doel on 1/27/2013

    My home only has 42 psi & I installed your booster pump & only got 62 psi. Not too happy with the claim, I ordered it to get the 150 gpd upgrade for my brs ro/di unit but I don't even have the 65 psi even with the pump running??
  • GREAT!!!!!! By Eddie on 12/26/2012

    I bought a 6 stage RO/DI system and hooked it all up and due to me having horrible rusty well water i was only getting around 22-26 psi. I bought this and now im getting around 93 psi, so i toned it down and love it!!!!!!!!
  • Needed for Wells By KC3 on 6/24/2012

    I live on acreage with well water. While my source of water is relatively pure (compared to city water), my pressure is lack luster at best!

    This pump allows my RO/DI system to work much more efficiently. After watching the BRS videos, I have easily been able to connect and use this pump without any trouble.

    Thanks BRS for having products that work in every situation!

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