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Glycerin Filled Pressure Gauge 1-100 PSI

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Glycerin Filled Pressure Gauge 1-100 PSI

SKU: 200215
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  • great product By Josh on 3/31/2015

    I have two of these they are great quality and work like a champ
  • A good investment for using RO/DI By Ben on 3/19/2015

    This was absolutely necessary for my RO/DI setup as I have mine spliced into a waterline in a bathroom. Very easy to install, very easy to read. Seems very well constructed and reliable.
  • Great price By Michael on 2/9/2015

    Gauge is great. And what a great price for glycerin filled gauge.
  • Well Built By Mike on 2/6/2015

    Sturdy, solid construction. Great addition to my rodi system. Gives an accurate reading.
  • Awesome product by the buys at BRS. By Jace on 2/2/2015

    I think it's great how it comes pre-assembled/plug and play through BRS. One of the many great products from BRS. Installation was a breeze!
  • Product performed as expected! By Phil on 10/22/2014

    I suspected my water pressure was low when after only about 60 gallons I burned through nearly 1/3rd of my DI resin. I purchased a BRS pressure gauge (SKU: 200215) and discovered that the pressure coming from under my sink where I connected my RODI system inline was around 45PSI. As we all know I need >60PSI for my 150GPD Upgraded RODI system to operate optimally. I purchased the booster pump (SKU: 207951) and it did exactly what it was supposed to do! I set it up inline between my water source and my RODI unit, plugged in the power supply (SKU: 200201) and my water pressure went up from 44 to ~95. Not only did I see an increase in RODI production to the 175GPD (as expected), but I'm using less than HALF the DI resin I was before.
  • Pressure Gauge to Upgrade my RO/DI By Mark on 9/29/2014

    I chose this glycerin filled gauge because I believed it would be a step up from the air filled gauge. I must say that it has not disappointed. It was a very easy push in installation. I used this gauge initially to check to pressure from my tap and then to continuously check the pressure going to the membrane. It gives me a good indication on when to change my carbon and pre-membrane filters.
  • works great By Mario on 6/9/2014

    Have this placed after my booster pump. Made adjusting water pressure a breeze. Going 2 get another one so when I see my pressure drop I know that my filters need to bechanged
  • Important part of my upgrade By Manfred on 2/18/2014

    I bought this gauge to help monitor the pressure I was getting with my system and to determine when I needed to change filters. Takes a lot of the guess work out of the process. The less left to chance the better off you are.
  • liquid filled pressure guage By nicholas on 2/9/2014

    this is a must have if you are running a booster pump on your rodi unit. the air filled make noise due to the pressure making it bounce off the limiter. lots easier to read and more accurate.

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