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Tunze Turbelle Nanostream 6045

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Tunze Turbelle Nanostream 6045

SKU: 202101

reg. $92.99

Special Price: $83.69

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  • Nice pump By Curtis on 4/26/2014

    Wanted to try this pump in my 40gal and it has good flow. I will be getting one more for good cross flow.
  • good water movement By Kris on 3/18/2014

    I do like these powerheads, i ordered 2 for my 65 G mixed reef. They move a lot of water and are quite small. The magnets barely make it through my glass (1/2") but they do hold OK. The flow is a bit narrower than I thought. I initially bought the sicce voyagers but replaced them with these, and am much happier with the Tunze ones.
  • great little wavemaker By RWL on 7/30/2013

    installed 2 in a 75 gal. unobtrusive, very quiet, works perfect, manual adjustment works great, easy to adjust direction.
  • great product By John on 4/13/2013

    Tunze makes great products. The flow adjustment is nice. The 6045 really moves some water compared to its size.
  • great powerhead By 241wrasse on 12/22/2012

    Bought a 6045 about 3 months ago, & was certainly impressed! Design, size, overall quality beat the pants off my older existing Hydor Koralias. Absolutely love the ball design of the impeller cage - truly does let you swivel the head around in any direction you want. Small size = less obtrusive. Excellent Tunze qualtiy, very quiet - even on startup, not like the big grinding/rattling noise the Koralias make when they start up, & yes the Koralias are well-maintained.
  • vibrates more than earlier versions By Frank on 11/22/2012

    Disappointed with this version. I own an earlier version that does not have the "flow adjustment" and was extremely satisfied with its performance, which is why I decided to buy another one. This version vibrates like mad and I had to adjust the flow setting to minimum to avoid the noise that it was creating, which I believe was caused by the impeller blades hitting the housing of the flow adjustment tube. Additionally, the vibration is significantly greater than the older model. Given the price, I expected better performance and now I have to look for another one.
  • Looks great and work even better!!! By A. grandis on 11/8/2012

    I've got my 4th nanostream 6045 for my 75gal zoa tank and it's just amazing.
    The only thing they changed was the magnet. There is one small and one bigger, instead 2 small magnets. I contacted Tunze and they said they needed to change the mags in order to keep the prices in a good range. Tunze says that the new mag can go in the water and won't rust, even without the protection the smaller has. Not a big deal!!
    Very good quality and efficiency.

  • Great size and performance By jlemoine2 on 10/24/2012

    I decided to try the 6045 nanostream when i got tired of my Koralia evolution 4's crapping out in my frag tank.

    I have the larger 6105's in my display tank, and these nanostreams are very small in comparison... like a tennis ball. They are great!

    While this model is not controllable with the flow control, but do work just fine going on/off on a switched outlet.

    I think the 6045 is comparable to the Koralia evolution 4. The 6045 flow is a bit more direct, while the Koralia is a little more broad (so you don't feel it as far away, but in a bigger spread)... but the flow rate seems to be the same between the two.

    This is a little more expensive than a Koralia, but if I don't have to buy another one to replace another split magnet, then I figure the extra cost is worth it in the long run.
  • Tunze 6045 By Landon on 8/14/2012

    I am using this pump in my 90 gallon SPS tank. I love the ability to aim flow in any direction you could possibly want. It is also extremely quiet. The only negative is that the flow from the pump is quite narrow, but that is not a big deal to me. Highly recommended.
  • Most aimable pump By Garcastle on 7/17/2012

    These pumps are great at clearing out buildup and preventing it since you can aim them all around. The magnets are fairly substantial and you can even move it by moving the outside magnet just a bit to lessen the strength a bit,

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