Leak Controller & Detector for RO/DI Systems

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Leak Controller & Detector for RO/DI Systems

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  • Save yourself alot of headaches!!!!!!!!!!!!! By jhmeresqu on 7/8/2013

    Great product, used it to monitor my RO/DI Water System in the garage and also bought the extension sensor to monitor my sump area. Works well, very sensitive. Can't go wrong, believe me, I've already ruined one carpet in the family room, I don't plan on doing it again, so I've tiled the floor, and I won't be having any popped tile any time soon, thanks to this little contraption.
  • Just accept this is cheaper than carpet! By SerenityReef on 5/6/2013

    Everyone is going to forget the RODI is running at some point. Add in protection if a line or joint fails....no brainer
  • Awesome insurance By CACrimson on 3/21/2013

    When I counted 60+ connections on my dual membrane 5-stage RO/DI system with ATO, I couldn't sleep well at night knowing that at any time one of those plastic connections could fail and I wouldn't figure it out for possibly hours. With 80PSI, that could be a tonmof water in no time. With wood floors close by, I had to get something.

    This thing is great. I had to add a couple Murlock elbows to make it nice and neat, but otherwise installation was 10 minutes. I hadn't thought about placement too much when ordering so I had to order the elbows separately. Think about placement when you're ordering and consider any extra fittings you may need to make it fit.

    I also have to place the sensor on the floor under the lip of the kitchen cabinets. We tend to kick it just because of where it has to go. But it's still the best option I could find.
  • Great unit By Robert on 10/2/2012

    I bought this with my new RO/DI system and it has saved me once. I love it and VERY glad I bought it.
  • It works By Mark on 7/17/2012

    I've had this for a while now and its something that you just install and forget. This morning my Auto Shut Off Valve failed and one of the 1/4 tube got disconnected dumping about 1 gallon of water in my basement. It could have been more if this device didn't work. Everyone with RO should have this.
  • Saved my floor By Andrew on 6/8/2012

    After flooding my apartment 3 times because I forgot that I was filling my top off jug with water I finally bought this product. Its worked flawlessly. Granted I have only forgotten about filling the top off jug once since i got it. But that one time it worked great! Saved my floors a little more time and my sanity! I recommend everyone to get this product even if its for backup.
  • thanks goodness! By joshua on 4/11/2012

    This thing literally saved my oak flooring where my tank is located, had an external media reactor's cap begin to leak, shut it off instantly... I was at work, and it would have been leaking for 12hrs until i got home...
  • Cheap prevention for major damage. By Tony on 2/1/2012

    I love this thing! It works flawlessly from my scenario testing. I have this unit under my wetbar where my RO/DI is plumbed in. This is to let me know if I have any fitting problems; especially when you do you filter maintenance. I also have my top-off reservoir for my sump in this location. You can chain these units together for multiple locations. I have another unit under my display tank where my sump, UV, and Ca Reactor are located. The reasons are obvious. Even though a have a top-off setup failsafe on my Reefkeeper Elite, that wouldn't help if I had a sump leak or other plumbing issues that effected the sump level. I have ordered one more sensor to sit under my saltwater mixing tank(50 gallons) to limit the amount of possible damage should it leak at the faucet end. All of these areas are fed by my RO/DI unit so I just tapped into the city feed line with the main unit.
  • Good for External Protein Skimmer as well :) By Han on 12/10/2011

    I run my protein skimmer air line through it and place the sensor underneath the waste collecting plastic container and it helps to stop the overflow. It's cheaper than buying more expensive auto-shutoff waste container.
  • Works as expected By ShawnCC on 9/19/2011

    I live in a rental apartment and it has wood floors. I'm paranoid about wrecking the floors and flooding the other apartments around/below me. This adds just another layer of protection (in addition to manual shutoff ball valves and float switch).
    The most fun part about it is replicating the demo from the video (lick finger, touch sensor pad). It works exactly as demonstrated.

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