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Auto Shut Off Kit for
Reverse Osmosis Systems

SKU: 200212

  • Does what it was intended to do. By David on 3/8/14

    Significantly reduces the amount of wasted water. My water storage container overflows to a utility sink in the basement so failure to turn off the RODI does not make a mess of my floor but it does waste a lot of water. After adding this kit the float valve no longer allows me to overfill my water storage container and it almost completely eliminates wasted water. I say almost because I get a continuous trickle (about 6 drops per minute) from the waste water line. Significantly better than forgetting to turn it off.
  • Great Product Great Price! By Charles on 3/3/14

    Love this it's a great deal!
  • Save your floors By Nate on 2/17/14

    This system works great. it has already saved me from 2 overflows of my top off containers.
  • Works as advertised, By Chad on 2/15/14

    Very nice system a must for anyone that uses a lot of ro/di.
  • one of my best purchases By Richard on 1/21/14

    Great product and easy installation. No more spills or wasted water on my bill.
  • Great safety device By Stephen on 1/1/14

    After half a dozen times flooding my water room I finally bought this to hopefully keep my forgetfulness in check. I have been using it non stop for three months now without a single issue. It works perfectly for filling my storage barrels and shuts off every time.

    I do get a few fluctuating start ups right after it shuts off, but I attribute this to not having enough water to keep the float valve completely shut off. After a few on and offs it reaches it's maximum amount and shuts off for good until it is needed again. I have no idea why I didn't buy one sooner.
  • Auto shut off By Jasco on 12/15/13

    Just installed the auto shut off from BRS, still filling up my storage tank, but when lifting the float up I notice while no RO water was entering the storage tank the waste line would continue flowing , the flow would slow down all most to a stop the it would let loose at flow at a faster rate. This repeated for the 5 minutes I was testing it.

    Still will save me from overflowing the storage tank, but still a waste of water when it doesn't stop completely.

    Is this normal?
  • Works great but didn't come with dirction. By clark on 11/11/13

    Work great needs batter dirtion
  • Nice Kit By Jimmy on 11/11/13

    I should have purchased one of these a long time ago. Very easy to install when you follow the BRS video.

    Do yourself a favor and buy the RO tube cutter they sell too. Made the job easier and it's nice to have around.
  • works!! By JACKIE on 10/30/13

    After forgetting to turn off the RODI, and having water all over my floor, I gave in and purchased this set. I wish I had known that my RODI plus with Chlorimine already had most of these parts, All I basically needed was the float valve and the check valve.

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