TDS-3 Handheld TDS Meter - HM Digital

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TDS-3 Handheld TDS Meter - HM Digital

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  • Mine was defective By Yak on 11/23/2015

    I read all the great reviews on tihs product, tried it out, and it was just...not...accurate. Like my local LFS was reading 90 PPM. BRS was great to deal with though, gave me a full refund on the product. They must know a few go out defective.
  • Works great By Ray on 11/10/2015

    product as ordered and works great.
  • Great and accurate. Must own By Walter on 9/5/2015

    Was never sure what my home, fridge, ro drinking, or what my finished product water tds was. I was testing everything like crazy when I received this. Is very accurate with my finished product water at zero tds. Now I carry it with me everywhere due to my scientific curiosities. Thank you brs for another great product.
  • EASY AND WORTHWHILE By Claude on 12/15/2014

    Easy to use, accurate, must have.
  • works great By Mike on 10/29/2014

    Does great, accurate!
  • not accurate By toms on 9/8/2014

    Got tds meter to compare to one on my new brs 4 stage plus ro unit. Hand held not accurate at all. It read 68ppm on the filtered water and 75 on water supply in. I tested on local fish stores RO unit and same readings. I would not buy this tds meter
  • easy By valerie on 2/27/2014

    Ready to use as soon as you receive it. Very quick accurate readings.
  • This thing functions just as advertised By John on 12/31/2013

    In my opinion u can't have two many TDS meters. I've had a few different kinds in the past but when I bought my BRS 5 stage RO/DI system with the online tds meter I decided to go ahead and buy this handheld meter. Just like everything else they make, it's built sturdy, and it looks professional comings with its own pouch. I hope im not starting to get spoilt.
  • OK as a basic TDS meter; Only Celsius as Thermometer By Bert on 12/29/2013

    Relatively low cost alternative if your RODI unit does not have TDS meters or you need a standalone option. It works fine for that need.

    Be aware however that the described temperature capability is Celsius-only, not Fahrenheit... While the printed documentation has a conversion table (and who keeps that with your meter 100% of the time), if you're in the US and used to using Fahrenheit as your measure to know how hot or cold it is, beware this isn't the best tool for your needs. Sort of frustrating to have a Celsius-only something sold in the USA to the hobbiest community that does not use Celsius on a very frequent basis. I'll use a standalone thermometer that reads in Fahrenheit instead of hoping this tool would do dual-duty.
  • wish i purchased this a long time ago By erick on 12/28/2013

    this works wonders for testing top off water. I also use it to double check calibration of the tds meters on my rodi system.

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