Mini 40 Nuvo Fusion Aquarium and Stand - Innovative Marine

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Mini 40 Nuvo Fusion Aquarium and Stand - Innovative Marine

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Fusion Mini 40 Tank
SKU: 208661
Fusion Mini 40 Cabinet Stand
SKU: 208662
  • Very nice By on 5/14/2016

    I am not sure what the others are saying about the packaging. Mine was in a huge cardboard box that then inside had another box that then had Styrofoam! If you broke this you dropped it from 10 feet up. The stand is average made of particle board, but what isn't at this price point? It went together in 1 hour and even with my wave maker going there is no issue. The tank itself is very well constructed and no leaks or peeling silicone at month 3. I'm glad I purchased the IM skimmer and reactor as they are a tight but good fit. I do not see how another brand would get in this space just right. I am a very picky person and I am very happy with this purchase
  • Could be better. By on 11/22/2015

    This tank is pretty nice looking and the price is low comparatively.
    I've had this tank running for 3 months and unfortunately the silicon that separates the display from the sump has started to leak. I'll steer clear of IM in the future.
  • Revision to initial review By on 9/25/2015

    So the initial review was not good. BRS is absolutely amazing with customer service they shipped me another tank over night which arrived flawless. Really saved the review. The tank itself is very nice and well built. Extremely sleek.

    BRS also saved the Innovative Marine brand( they owe you guys) when it comes to the IM nuvo 40 stand. It is still a cheaply made stand, although BRS was nice enough to refund some of the money for the stand which made me tolerate the way the stand came. I didn't mind paying $300 for the stand but you expect a nice stand. This helped me swallow the pill on the stand. So I wanted to say thank you to BRS for your customer service.
  • Cabinet is definitely NOT $300 worthy By on 9/4/2015

    When it arrived, the box looked like someone had literally thrown it all over the place. As I picked it up, you could hear nuts and bolts loosely falling in the paper thin cardboard box it was in. When I opened the box which took very minimal effort, the styrofoam inside was destroyed and all the clasps, pegs, etc. were everywhere scattered about through the destroyed styrofoam micro pieces. Once I carefully gathered all the screws, chipped pieces of board, etc. I began looking at the instructions. I managed to get this together with common sense but the directions were dismal. The stand seems cheaply made. Once I was completely done building it I had to aesthetically fix it with a black sharpie marker to make it decent to look at. Two of the four hinges were bent from the havoc shipping journey which I had to bend back out before I could build it. Overall, I was very disappointed with this and if I knew what I knew now I would not have gotten the stand. I'm very afraid if it gets wet it's a goner. So I may need to get a clear coat of rustoleums never wet before filling it up.
  • So good, but so bad By on 8/26/2015

    As nice as the aquarium, the stand is just the opposite. I've had cardboard shipping boxes nicer and stronger then this stand. It is complete junk, not to mention the damage it had when it arrived. But not hard to believe, since you could literally put your finger through this soft cardboard, To make it worse the metal they use for nuts and bolts might as well be made out of plastic. I cant believe how bad this thing is..... I'm speechless, its that bad!
  • inovative marine nuvo fusion 40 By on 6/27/2015

    Look no further -
    This 40 gallon is stunning . I notice right away that all the flass edges are super smooth and the fit and finish of all seams is perfection.
    The plastic framed top / cover is made well and the mesh is quality and durable..there are four fifth g that sit on the top rim of tank , one in each corner and the cover rests on these ...I think I will add just a dog of aquarium silicone to keep them in ace as they don't fit snugly. The back of the tank has room for two media basket on each side , two are include but there not all that great and not on par with the rest of the system. I recommend immediate upgrade to the aqua gadget custom caddy ..they are very well made .
    The nuvo was very well packed , plenty of well placed foam in a good thick box ,and that box was in another box to add another layer of protection .
    The pump flow is decent and with the addition of a pair of hydor koralia pumps flow is perfect IMO.
    If I had the extra money I would order ttheargest tank inovative marine made ...stunning looks and quality . buy one ..for a little more money it is way beyond from the bioc#&× or nano(u$€ .
  • Nuvo Fusion 40 By on 10/15/2014

    This tank is Awesome!
    I was happy that the tank is actually bigger than I thought it would be. The back chambers feel better than previous IM tanks that I have owned. Nice sleek modern design and it's just a good quality aquarium. The only complaint that I had is that it should have came with the IM custom caddy..
    but other than that couldn't be happier!

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