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VorTech MP40w ES Propeller Pump - EcoTech Marine

  • Quality piece of equipment By Valerie on 10/5/2014

    This pump is amazing. I have one on my 90 gallon and it moves a lot of water. All of the program features are great for the corals and my corals have seemed to love the movement of the water. This pump is a little bit noisy but nothing to noticeable because my skimmer is to loud anyways to hear it.
  • Don't Waste Time on other Pumps By Greg on 8/11/2014

    A friend tried to convince me that I wanted Exotechs but I rebelled and went with a Tunze. Don't get me wrong. The Tunze is a great pump and will be working in a new FOWLR I'm building. For a reef though the MPs are amazing. An MP10 on one and end an MP40 on the other of my 90G works wonders with the water. The randomness of the program keeps rock and sand clear. I can even see that behind the rock is staying clean. Add an Apex and it's just that much better.

    My only complaint is that they are louder than the Tunze. It's certainly not unbearable but it's there.
  • MP40w ES IS ABOVE THE REST. By Danny on 7/31/2014

    This pump will out perform any other with ease. The undertow it creates keeps my sandbed clean without disturbing it. I control mine with my reef link and it is very easy to adjust the flow & patterns with my ipad using Ecotech Marine's app. They are worth every penny.
  • Very nice pump By Marc on 7/20/2014

    Purchased this pump to improve my water flow. It does a GREAT job. The only issue is that it does get a bit loud sometimes, but still very happy with my purchase.
  • Piling On... By Eric on 7/3/2014

    I hate to sound like every other reviewer on here, but this pump is absolutely amazing!

    My tank is only a few months old and had been running from day one with two Hydor Koralia 1500 GPH powerbeads. Decided that, before I go all reef crazy, I should upgrade to something that provides a bit more dynamic flow, I should replace them with a Vortech MP40 so I ordered one, took it home and installed it in place of both Koralias. I fired it up and was astounded at the amount of garbage it blew out of the live rock and off the substrate!

    The pump itself is remarkably quiet considering the motor isn't under water, it's easy to program, easy to clean and much less of an eyesore than other powerbeads I've tried. In fact, I love it so much, I just ordered a second MP40 so I can take full advantage of the capabilities of these remarkable pumps and I can go all SPS crazy with my tank.
  • Top notch! By Brooks on 6/30/2014

    Had some basic marine land powerbeads and no comparison! These things are built to last! Easy to install and program to my Apex WXM. Got two 40W's. Was a bit concerned due to the high cost but its well worth the investment. The Apex has some real nice programs for setting the MP40's.
  • best wavemaker By Mario on 6/9/2014

    Put off buying these pumps because of cost. I wish I never waited this long. Spent more money in the long run purchasing other pumps. Have my pair connected wireless to my Apex which makes programming much easier than holding buttons down on controller that it comes with. Great water movement on a 72" long aquarium. I've read comments on pump being loud. I just made sure my wet side was lined up with my dry side and vibration sound basically went away.
  • Extremely powerful By Chris on 5/28/2014

    Very powerful pump. teamed with a Apex the flow is very customizable. They are considerably larger than the MP10's, but much stronger. Would definitely buy more of them if I had a need.
  • Top Notch By Chris on 5/16/2014

    One of these pumps out performed all three of the pumps combined i had in the tank previously. Installation is a breeze, and they very little visual space in the display.
  • Wetside is a crap quality garbage By Jerry on 5/10/2014

    I bought a VorTech MP40W a couple weeks ago from The device is brand new with manufacture date Feb 17, 2014.

    Today I was trying to set it up. I know it will be noisy, but the worst story comes. The entire wetside part stuck from running. The magnet in the wetside assembly keeps grinding the plastic cap. I opened the wetside assembly, and found that the axis of the wetside is not even stable. The magnet disk keeps shaking and touches the back plastic cap, eventully grinned it and stuck. Now the funny thing is, after a few times of retry, it seems the plastic is melted and stick together with the magnet disk. I could not even open the wetside assembly now.

    I will call BulkReefSupply and VorTech on Monday to find out why. This whole thing stopped working in less than 2 minutes of operation, not even touch the water. What a crap.

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