Purple Schedule 40 Pipe (58 Inch)

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Purple Schedule 40 Pipe (58 Inch)

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12" Purple Schedule 40 Pipe
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34" Purple Schedule 40 Pipe
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2" Purple Schedule 40 Pipe
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  • Great Color length not totally accurate By on 11/12/2015

    Got these pipes to make a kitty Hammock....yeah I know it's not fish related but they need a perch to very my 120 gallon future tank (coming December 2015!). Color looked great and they are strong. I was able to make a double decker kitty hammock!
    One draw back is the pipes are not exactly 58". I measured on average 58" & 7/8" or 58 "&13/16". This really made it hard for me to measure the pipes to cut in half or into thirds equally. However with a little mashing on the pipes and joints it came out ok in the end. It doesn't look look lopsided or anything but it could be a bit more symmetrical had the pipes been cut to 58".
    I do plan to use these piped for my future tank now that I know how they truly look and cut.
    I posted a picture of my project on the BRS Facebook page if you want to see it.
  • awesome.. By on 5/11/2015

    good quality pipe love the shine well colored. pics don't really do it justice. I used schedule 80 fittings love the color combo. best of all wife approved...
  • Great PVC. By on 8/21/2014

    I bought a few different colors cause my 14 year old daughter is helping me with my new upgrade and she wants it to be colorful. good quality pipe, I used it with sch 80 fittings and worked like a charm.