Reef Crystals Salt Mix - Instant Ocean

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  • Water Changes - EP 1: Saltwater Aquarium Maintenance

Reef Crystals Salt Mix - Instant Ocean

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Instant Ocean Reef Crystals Salt Mix 160 Gallon Bucket
SKU: 300605
Instant Ocean Reef Crystals Salt Mix 200 Gallon Box
SKU: 208274
  • Fine Salt, Poor Value By on 5/19/2016

    I used about all of the salts out there and have had good results with Reef Crystals. The biggest reason that I stopped using it is that you get less per bag then other brands. A singe 50 gallon bag makes between 40-45 gallons of water for me. With Kent, I get a solid 50 gallons. In addition, the RC bags do not have a zip-lock feature which tends to be messier and absorbs more moisture from the air. Just not a good value IMO.
  • Switch to Red Sea Coral Pro Salt By on 5/4/2016

    Years ago, when I first got into the marine aquarium-keeping hobby, there weren't many choices in salt mixes available to marine aquarists - Instant Ocean, being one of the very few I was aware of. So, when I recently got involved in reef aquarium keeping, I naturally gravitated to the brand that was familiar to me, and started with IO - Reef Crystals. While I don't want to be unfair to IO, which is one of the lowest-priced options on the market, the hardest part of getting my aquarium readied for reef livestock has been achieving targeted water chemistry parameters to adjust for the types of animals I hope to stock my tank with. It has been a huge source of frustration - constantly trying to balance the effects of one additive after another in order to mimic the animals' natural habitats as closely as possible. I have had to use magnesium supplements as well as buffers (Reef Buffer and Eight . four). And my pH would be at 8.3 for approximately 30 - 45 mins, until it again dropped to around 8.09. In all fairness, I'm using a couple of other new-to-me products (reef saver rock, and Ocean Direct Live Sand). I'm not sure if either or both of those products may have contributed to my issues. However, I have recently switched to Red Sea Coral Pro Salt. In my short time in this genre of the marine aquarium keeping hobby, I have tried several Red Sea products and have come to love and trust them. The RS Coral Pro salt mix is one of my favorites. Thank you, Red Sea!!!
  • Good but watch your numbers By on 2/24/2016

    I use this a lot but you really need to check your PH before doing your water change. I mix it a few days in advance and the PH averages 8.16.
  • Solid product By on 2/21/2016

    I have only two complaints about this product, the first is that some of the crystals seem to stick around as a thin flake, but they do eventually dissolve. The other is that after the salt is removed from the packaging and stored it cakes up as if it were in a humid room. But i live in Colorado and humidity doesn't really occur here, so that was/is a little mystifying. But other than that it is still salt and works exactly like you want it to.
  • repeat purchase By on 10/30/2015

    I have been using this product for about a year. Switched out one time, but came back. Does take a little work to get it day. Not too bad. I did get a bad box one time, could have been damaged in transit. BRS made good on it right away, to their credit!
    Prams remain steady with little adjustment weekly. Overall a good product.
  • Great product By on 7/25/2015

    I have used this salt mix for as long as I have been in the salt hobby, Granted I do not have a high demand tank but all my parameters are spot on, and now that I am using RO/DI made at home, my tank had jumped from looking ok to being well on its way to becoming picture perfect, I dont see any reason to change from this salt mix
  • I use this for qt tanks By on 5/15/2015

    I use other salt mixes that I feel mix better and have better numbers for my main tank that has corals, but for qt tanks where you do a lot of water changes because of meds, this is much more economical and works great.

    I got the bucket one first and then the box after that. The box has 4 bags inside that are 50 gallons worth of salt each, so I just dump one in the bucket whenever I use it all and am good to go for another 50 gallons. If I know I will be using a lot, I use 2 bags and still have room to spare. The bucket is nice because of the seal, it keeps the salt dry even in the humid south where I live.
  • best of its class By on 3/27/2015

    i think on my personal opinion that in the range of this price of salt this one is the best i also like oceanic because u can prepare it fast but reef crystal have better results for me, 0 phosphates and i like to buy the one of 200 gals instead of 160 to save some money
  • All I use! By on 2/10/2015

    I have always had great results with this product, highly recommend!
  • Good stuff! By on 12/3/2014

    I was told about this. I bought a box, gave it a try, and have stuck with it every since.

    The only draw back is it does not dissolve as described, but I also mix it at least 5 - 7 days ahead of time so that's not an issue.

    Buy the box, it comes with 3 bags... the bucket does get hard to open after awhile.. I always had to get someone to open it for me!