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BRS 150 GPD Water Saver Upgrade Kit

150 GPD Water Saving Upgrade Kit
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  • 150 GPD Water Saving Upgrade Kit
  • Installing the 150gpd Water Saving Upgrade Kit | How To Tuesday

BRS 150 GPD Water Saver Upgrade Kit

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161 Review(s)
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  • BOOM By Rppvt on 6/26/2015

    This thing was a SNAP to install and cut my wastage in half. Don't wait. I also grabbed a second pre-filter to save D/I and I'm SO glad I did.
  • Very Nice Product By Eagle1 on 6/15/2015

    I just hooked this upgrade kit up to another brand of RO system, took a whole 5 minutes to get back to making water, I have not calculated how much more im making, previous I was making 5 gal an hour I did notice a flow increase, if not 10 gal an hour now I'll rewrite this review, I did have to buy another membrane as mine was a 100 GPD unit, thats the only down side, they shold be able to just change out membranes instead of having a membrane you cant use, so for this will drop a star but the product is great
  • Must have By Hude on 6/12/2015

    if you live in cali, the bay area, your definitely going to want this soon when they start capping water usage.
  • stop wasting water By mrpergo on 6/3/2015

    It took me a year of watching all the waste water going down the drain while I was making water. I finally broke down and bought the upgrade kit. I figure it will pay for itself before years end just on my water bill.
  • BRS 150 GPD Water Saver Upgrade Kit By Ed on 6/1/2015

    WOW... The difference in production rates is amazing! If there is one upgrate to your value system you need, this it! Buy it!
  • Should have done this from the beginning By EricK on 5/28/2015

    Like most reviews here, it would have been better to do the 6 stage water saver plus at the beginning. Using mine with a diverter valve as an Auto Top Off and to fill jugs for mixing my dosing chems etc. and for faster refill after water changes. Well worth the time savings on a 40 gallon change out. If you have the system, add this. If you don't have one yet, order the one with it already installed.
  • 150 gpd water saver upgrade kit By Quad on 5/21/2015

    Why didn't I do this sooner!! Omg what a difference! I get twice as much water in half the time and save water and $$$$. How can you beat that! No brainer....buy this. It's well worth the $$$.
  • Works Great By DG on 5/20/2015

    I added this and the booster pump and increased my water pressure from 40 to 85 PSI and now I am producing about 9 gallons per hour.
  • great addition to my 75gal per day unit By RAMON on 5/17/2015

    Good product works as advertised. . I would only recommend buying the 150 gpd unit from the start so that you dont need to pay 60 bucks to upgrade.
  • Just get it! By Vincent on 3/30/2015

    IF you have RODI this will pay for itself in cartridges alone. Not to mention wasting less of our precious fresh water resources. Without it you waste more money and more water....

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