BRS 150 GPD Water Saver Upgrade Kit

150 GPD Water Saving Upgrade Kit
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  • 150 GPD Water Saving Upgrade Kit
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BRS 150 GPD Water Saver Upgrade Kit

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  • Get one NOW!!! By Anthony on 7/13/2015

    One of the best investments I've made! I obviously wanted to be able to decrease the amount of waste water, but I had no idea it would cut water making time so drastically! I went from 5 gallons in 2 hours to getting 15-20 in 2 hours! Definitely worth the money as it comes with a new ro membrane.
  • BOOM By Rppvt on 6/26/2015

    This thing was a SNAP to install and cut my wastage in half. Don't wait. I also grabbed a second pre-filter to save D/I and I'm SO glad I did.
  • Very Nice Product By Eagle1 on 6/15/2015

    I just hooked this upgrade kit up to another brand of RO system, took a whole 5 minutes to get back to making water, I have not calculated how much more im making, previous I was making 5 gal an hour I did notice a flow increase, if not 10 gal an hour now I'll rewrite this review, I did have to buy another membrane as mine was a 100 GPD unit, thats the only down side, they shold be able to just change out membranes instead of having a membrane you cant use, so for this will drop a star but the product is great
  • Must have By Hude on 6/12/2015

    if you live in cali, the bay area, your definitely going to want this soon when they start capping water usage.
  • stop wasting water By mrpergo on 6/3/2015

    It took me a year of watching all the waste water going down the drain while I was making water. I finally broke down and bought the upgrade kit. I figure it will pay for itself before years end just on my water bill.
  • BRS 150 GPD Water Saver Upgrade Kit By Ed on 6/1/2015

    WOW... The difference in production rates is amazing! If there is one upgrate to your value system you need, this it! Buy it!
  • Should have done this from the beginning By EricK on 5/28/2015

    Like most reviews here, it would have been better to do the 6 stage water saver plus at the beginning. Using mine with a diverter valve as an Auto Top Off and to fill jugs for mixing my dosing chems etc. and for faster refill after water changes. Well worth the time savings on a 40 gallon change out. If you have the system, add this. If you don't have one yet, order the one with it already installed.
  • 150 gpd water saver upgrade kit By Quad on 5/21/2015

    Why didn't I do this sooner!! Omg what a difference! I get twice as much water in half the time and save water and $$$$. How can you beat that! No this. It's well worth the $$$.
  • Works Great By DG on 5/20/2015

    I added this and the booster pump and increased my water pressure from 40 to 85 PSI and now I am producing about 9 gallons per hour.
  • great addition to my 75gal per day unit By RAMON on 5/17/2015

    Good product works as advertised. . I would only recommend buying the 150 gpd unit from the start so that you dont need to pay 60 bucks to upgrade.

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