BRS 150 GPD Water Saver Upgrade Kit

150 GPD Water Saving Upgrade Kit
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  • 150 GPD Water Saving Upgrade Kit
  • Installing the 150gpd Water Saving Upgrade Kit | How To Tuesday

BRS 150 GPD Water Saver Upgrade Kit

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  • Half the Waste in Twice the Time By on 8/30/2016

    It cut my waste water from 2.5 to 1 to 1 to 1. On same note nearly doubled the output and time.
  • 150 gpd upgrade kit By on 8/5/2016

    Its pretty much a no brainer. You get double the water output and it cuts the waste water in half.
  • Worth every penny! By on 7/18/2016

    I have had my eyes on this upgrade for a while now, but it was time to replace my RODI filter media so I finally purchased this kit. Watched a youtube video to figure out how to connect everything and the difference in water production is outstanding. If you have a 75gpd kit and a booster pump, purchase this upgrade immediately. You will not be disappointed.
  • Half the wastewater with barely any TDS increase By on 7/10/2016

    My TDS is about 180-200 and I'm using 65 PSI. With this upgrade I get 4 TDS on membrane one and 9 TDS on membrane two. That's without using any DI canisters (which seem completely unnecessary with a TDS that low - at least for my freshwater aquariums). I've just rewired the extra canister as a second carbon block to keep the membranes extra safe.

    One thing I learned the hard way - whenever you're shoving membranes in or out of the housings, apply silicone grease to the brine seal (the black rubber around the top of the membranes) or you may end up tearing or deforming it. I spent several weeks scouring the internet trying to figure out why my TDS was suddenly coming out around 140, replacing almost every part of the system, before realizing I just needed to grease a stretched brine seal.
  • RO/DI upgrade By on 4/30/2016

    Added this to my existing 75GPD system, I can make 10 gallons of water an hour with only 5 gallons of waste water. It use to be the other way around and it would take 3 hours to make 10 gallons.
  • Awesome upgrade! By on 4/21/2016

    Not only is it priced well, it's also a great addition to your RO/DI system! Very easy to install, especially with the BRS video.
  • Don't Wait By on 3/6/2016

    I put off buying this upgrade for 6 months. I wish I would have done it upon initial purchase now! At 65psi my 44 gallon Brute fills up over night while I sleep. Instead of the next few nights.
  • BRS 4 Stage value plus upgrade By on 3/6/2016

    Excellent product water and easy to install also added a second carbon block and di canister with BRS products 100% satisfaction thanks BRS
  • Why didn't I do this sooner? By on 2/15/2016

    This kit bumped up my 50 gpd to 125 gpd.
  • Clear difference By on 2/11/2016

    Outstanding! The difference is clear to how quickly my RO/DI container fills. And with less waste will save me money in the long run. I have the waste line running to my discharge sump which waters my lawn. Very nice!