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BRS 150 GPD Water Saver Upgrade Kit

150 GPD Water Saving Upgrade Kit
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  • 150 GPD Water Saving Upgrade Kit
  • Installing the 150gpd Water Saving Upgrade Kit | How To Tuesday

BRS 150 GPD Water Saver Upgrade Kit

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  • Wish I had bought it earlier! By John on 2/22/2015

    Drastically increased my production and decreased my waste water at 40 PSI. I bought the booster pump but haven't installed it yet.
  • Great product, easy to install By dahlyvh on 2/17/2015

    I love that I can now make RO water twice as fast and actually have less waste water. This unit is super easy to install
  • Great Product By Timm on 2/17/2015

    I hated the amount of water going down the drain and the time it took with the standard 75 GPD system. I upgraded with this system and it was worth the money. Installation was easy, but ran into a small glitch. Called BRS and it turned out to be just a little air in the line, they gave me some tricks to get it out and now all is well.
  • Great value By David on 2/10/2015

    Noticed a substantial difference in the amount of water produced as well as a reduction in wastewater. A must have for those who have to do large water changes as well as those who live in the city with costly water bills! I did have to buy the booster pump to have the required pressure.
  • Nice Kit By Duane on 2/7/2015

    It is great to get everything in one kit, except there are no written/diagram instructions. You can go online and watch the video. But if your computer is in a different room, then you may have to take several trips back and forth during installation. I just think it would make installation easier if a 5cent instruction copy was added to the kit. Otherwise, everything is there and have alway been very happy with products from Bulk Reef.
  • SO FAR SO GOOD By Schwenk on 2/3/2015

    Easy to set up after watching video, so lucky I had a tablet to take over to unit with me. Schematic included would be helpful. Clocked it at about 145 gpd within first hour.
  • Save Water, Save the Planet By Me on 1/29/2015

    Certainly did not need the extra capacity, but I was SHOCKED when I saw how much water my 75GPD system sent down the drain.
    Really too bad these are not cheaper so you could string several together and limit the water going down the drain.
  • Great upgrade option to RO/DI system By Justin on 1/22/2015

    This has really upped my product water and reduced the water going down the drain, the one thing I hate most about these systems is the amount of wasted water they produce. Upgrade kit has everything you need and all components are good quality and nicely packaged. The only reason I give it 4 stars is because there are no instructions on installing the upgrade included, while not complicated I really like to make sure I'm doing things correctly. I would have given 3 stars for this, but there is a good BRS video that shows step by step how to do this. Worth the money in reduced waste and faster water production.
  • Must Have By Jose on 1/12/2015

    This Is a must have on your R/O Unit. Very easy to install cut my waste water.
  • Recommend By Jared on 12/30/2014

    Very simple to install, should take under 5 minutes tops. Output was very close to the 150gpd, and tds out of RO before DI filter was virtually identical to just the single membrane before the addition.

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