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150 GPD Water Saving Upgrade Kit
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  • 150 GPD Water Saving Upgrade Kit
  • 150GPD RO Upgrade Kit Installation Instructions

BRS 150 GPD Water Saver Upgrade Kit

SKU: 200432

  • Spectrapure had to help me hook it up By Kenbuff on 4/13/14

    Called BRS for instructions for install using flush kit, they had no I called spectrapure (Jeremy ) and he spent 25 minutes explaining and sending me diagrams via e mail...didn't even buy the kit from them wow...spectrapure has awesome knowledgeable techs!!also you do NOT conserve on waste water at 4/1 ratio for good tds
  • 220+GPD By Danimal on 4/7/14

    Bought one of these along with the stage 6, which is now up to about a stage 10? (1 micron sediment, granular carbon, .6 matrixx bloc, granular catalytic carbon, .6 chloramine block, added a third dowtec membrane and then two DI canisters)! 1-3ppm before the DI and 220+ gallons a day...very little waste water. Change sediment, granular, carbon blocks and one DI canister every 10-12K gallons. I live in Denver and have good supply pressure @ 90+ across first membrane. This thing looks awsome. Everyone that sees it wants to know where the "GROW" room is...hahaha...remember, I live in Denver. I grow fish, not plants...but I'm sure it would work for that too. Thanks BRS!!!
  • Well worth the money! By Ryan on 3/20/14

    I installed this unit on my 6 stage RODI and it significently dropped the amount of waste water produce. Would highly recommend this to anyone.
  • Great upgrade By Chad on 3/5/14

    I bought this to upgrade my Typhoon III as well as a replacement membrane for my aging one.

    Our water isn't to bad in Dallas, around 300 TDS, but on my RO only output I'm at 2TDS! Obviously once it goes through the DI stage it comes out 0.

    I do think you need to have a good amount of pressure to run two membranes. I have my booster pump set to around 73 PSI. This is probably not going to perform well at 40-50 PSI.
  • Great Addition By Karl on 3/4/14

    I have a 75g and 29g tanks set up right now. In my new home, we have really high water pressure, so once I discovered this item, I bought it right away. It's great being able to fill a 20g brute container in under 4 hours. Did I really need to make water this fast, no, but the fact I get to save water is always a plus. As well as being able to very quickly make extra water in an emergency is great too. Only reason it gets 4 stars is because I had to watch the video to install it, and the video was having issues playing for awhile. Some basic written instructions would have given it 5 stars.
  • Save Water By joesreeftank on 3/1/14

    Easy to install with the online Video, I live in California and we have had very little rain so this will help me reduce my water use and save me $$$ paid to the water company.
  • Worth every penny!! By Tim on 2/6/14

    This was an add on that was worth it!! I was down to around 28 GPD due to the winter and therefore cold water in Canada. I found the kit very easy to install. I did pull up the video's on the BRS site to help make it easier. The written instructions were a little less than perfectly clear but watching the video's made it no problems at all
  • A must for private well sources By Martin on 2/1/14

    If you have a private well and worry about your water supply especially in the Summer months, this is a no brainer. The upgrade combined with a booster pump has saved me a LOT of water. I can fill a 5 gal bucket in about 45 minutes as compared to 2 hours before the additional membrane and booster pump.
  • Great Addition By Jonathan on 1/29/14

    The included documentation wasn't the best - but there are plenty of youtube vids on this subject so no big deal.

    This got installed at just the right time; now I had enough RODI to make it through this polar vortex we're experiencing ;)
  • Love It! By Valerie on 1/29/14

    I just recently got this and it speeds up the process so much. Waste water totally reduced, my water meter not spinning now! Wish I would have gotten this sooner. I guess better late than never. Thank you BRS!

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