HW-Marinemix Reefer Salt Mix 160 Gallons - HW Wiegandt

hw-Marinemix Reefer Salt Mix
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HW-Marinemix Reefer Salt Mix 160 Gallons - HW Wiegandt

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  • Best salt mix By Juken on 11/25/2015

    Excellent mixes well good good test results
  • Best salt mix ever made By Goose on 11/22/2015

    My reef tank is thriving using this Salt...
  • Best salt By Saltyfish on 11/20/2015

    Tried many others but this is the best salt bar none.
  • Great salt By Cartman on 11/15/2015

    I'm new to reefing it lives up to its name . But shipping in box well not so good box was split open but bag with salt was good
  • amazing! By Nick on 11/9/2015

    i switched from RSCP due to HIGH/random ALK and odd PH levels. i thought my corals were happy before i made the switch... man was i wrong. colors POPPED, polyps stretched like never before, even the water smells better haha. after switching I've noticed nothing but positive things. you may need to dose ALK though. mixes extremely well, quickly, and leaves ZERO residue behind. i did however have an issue with a batch but BRS QUICKLY sent me out a new batch with zero cost to me. made me a believer.
  • Best I've tried By PT on 11/6/2015

    I noticed right away how the corals responded all the polyps extended beyond normal even the fish seemed to get a boost this is my first batch. I have tried redsea salinity omega and reef crystals If every batch is consistent this is my new salt definetly worth the price difference over the cheaper salts and better than the other high end salts.
  • Good Product--ph stays low. By Dane on 11/4/2015

    It mixes well and the reef seems happy. It mixes very clear. The ph in my tank is lower than when I ran reef crystals.
  • Clean salt By Sean on 10/18/2015

    Cleanest salt I've ever used. mixes better too.
  • Perfect for our facility By A Better Fish Bowl on 10/7/2015

    After reviewing the video on BRS about this salt, I did a little more research and decided it was time to switch our aquaculture facility over and give it a try. I can say this much, the salt mixes clear and fast. I use the entire box (160gal) at time and there hasn't been any residue in the container like some of the other salts we have used. We grow a mix of SPS, LPS, and high end designer zoanthids. In the past month I've noticed better colors and polyp extension in all our corals, and we use the KISS method (Keep It Simple Stupid) I don't run all kinds of high tech gear here, and I manually dose any chemicals myself daily to all our tanks, this may sound like a lot of work and it is, but it does allow me to notice daily any and every change that happens in our tanks. So the only real thing I can give credit to for our improved coral conditions is the use of this salt. Of course, everyone has a different method of how they keep they're systems. So you might have different results. But we have thousands of dollars invested in our business and were only going to use the best products we can find, and personally I refuse to go cheap when it comes to my investment and business.
  • Started useing this salt and all I can say is wow. By stevec on 10/3/2015

    Started using this salt for a few months now so far it has been the best I ever used my corals and fish are doing great will never go back to using the salt I was using thank you BRS for handling such a great product.

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