HW-Marinemix Reefer Salt Mix 160 Gallons - HW Wiegandt

hw-Marinemix Reefer Salt Mix
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HW-Marinemix Reefer Salt Mix 160 Gallons - HW Wiegandt

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  • good salt By on 5/21/2017

    i have no problems if my parameters need adjusted i do so love it
  • Best salt that I've used and I have use the lot By on 4/25/2017

    I don't know why it's getting these negative reviews I've been using the salt for over two years now I've tried tons of different salt as well as the Red Sea product I use a zeovite reactor and I have an SPS dominated tank as well as a mixed reef tank and fish I must say I don't understand what the issues are maybe they're not mixing it properly but mine makes his clear within two 2 hours like I said used to have problems with the Red Sea with alkalinity but now I have a nice steady eight
  • BRS Recommended? By on 4/24/2017

    I bought the big box on the Black Friday sale based on the BRS recommendation since I was about out of my Red Sea Pro. I've used this now nearly 6 months, and my alkalinity has been a constant issue. Period! Stonies are stressed, I'm having to buffer heavily, which is real bad, and it's thrown my system off totally! Tested yesterday before water change, was 8.0, did a 5ga change on about 30ga volume, and took a sample to my lfs later in the day, it was 7.0! Avoid this stuff! The only positive I can give it is it mixes super easily and clear. I've never had debris, cloudiness or anything. But, all in all, I'm heading right back to RedSea Pro and washing my hands of this stuff, and I still have a small bucket left (RedSea little bucket full). Maybe it'll be a better weed killer around the yard.
  • Totally awesome By on 4/18/2017

    This salt is best in market being synthetic it's totally medical grade product. How someone does not like this I'm clueless. I have no reside compared to other brands
  • Slimy By on 4/15/2017

    Overall I guess I'm pleased with it, but it leaves a slimy residue on the glass, and it seems cloudy. Otherwise, it's reef salt...
  • Cloudy takes 2 days to clear By on 3/31/2017

    I can't figure out why some people have great success and others have this cloudy residue problem....
    I will not buy this again.
  • drops levels By on 3/25/2017

    doing water changes actually drops my magnesium and messes up my other parameters. doesnt mix well. some debris
  • Decent, but pricey salt By on 3/5/2017

    I have used just this salt in a new 125g build. I have had issues with levels, precipitate, residue and debris in the mix.
    I have used 4 boxes of this mix. I mix using heated, RODI water and mix to 1.025sg.
    Each time I get residue in my mixing container, on my pumps and heaters in the sump and display. I also get precipitate that is present in the water for 2 days after adding to the display. The levels are not good either. Dkh is 8~, Cal is 380 and Mag is 1280.
    More of a concern is the debris. In the first two boxes there were small pieces of white plastic. In the recent two boxes, there were small pieces of brown paper that ended clogging my mixing pump at one point.
    BRS has been great about the issues and refunded me for my recent purchase. However, HW has been silent even with two emails and anot attempted phone call.
    I will be switching to Red Sea Coral Pro.
  • Hw marinemix By on 3/1/2017

    Swithed to this salt a while ago. Im 4 boxes in and the parameters have been almost 100% the same and consistent between the boxes. You can tell when mixing the difference between synthetic salt and regular. This stuff disolves and clears up very quickly. I have 45 gallons mixed up all the time and have my DOS hooked up changing 3 gallons daily. The tank loves this stuff.
  • Excellent Salt By on 2/5/2017

    I decided to use this mix on a new tank after watching the BRS 160 build. No complaints here.