HW-Marinemix Reefer Salt Mix 160 Gallons - HW Wiegandt

hw-Marinemix Reefer Salt Mix
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HW-Marinemix Reefer Salt Mix 160 Gallons - HW Wiegandt

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  • With Warning By Williams on 8/25/2015

    My Corals love this salt. On that note I would say it's worth every penny to me. Whats the Warning? Well it leaves a residual white film on anything that you use to circulate your mixing container. Worse than other salts I have used in the past 15 yrs., to the point it will all need cleaned after every mixing in my opinion.
  • Synthetic is AWESOME By Brett on 8/20/2015

    This was my first experience with synthetic mix. Absolutely no problems and my animals are super happy in their new home.

    This salt mixes clean and quick, in about 1 hour, with no residue. I only mix 10 gallons a time, so when I receive a new bag I thoroughly mix the salt around inside the bag before I use it. This way I always get consistent levels throughout the bag.
  • Hats off to HW Wiegandt for makeing a awesome salt !!! By Mark on 8/2/2015

    Sorry I waited so long to try this salt. I've been out of the hobby for a while and recently got the itch again. Back in 2000 I remember ordering from Dr. Foster's and Smith,I believe back then it was called Pet Warehouse, I remember one of the reps raving about HW marinemix and was telling me to try it. Boy I wish I did, back then I always just used instant Ocean with good success. These days my local fish stores and everybody raving about Red Sea coral pro so I started my new tank with that. I personally am not a big fan I constantly battled diatom algae and the salt was low in alkalinity, it also felt sticky to the touch. Maybe it was just the batch I got. I seen BRS carrying HW marine reefer so I figured why not give it a shot, boy am I glad I did first water change my diatoms decreased dramatically and all my corals seem to puff up a lot nicer. The salt also mixes very nice and clean. And does not irritate your skin like I've noticed some other salts. This will definitely be the salt I will be using from now on. Thanks to BRS for carrying this great salt!!!!!!!!
  • Happy Customer By Jeffrey on 7/31/2015

    I have been using HW Marinemix Reef slat for about 3 months now. I am very happy with the results. I decided to test a batch today after letting it mix for 12 hours CA was 440 and KH 8. Very impressed and recommend the product frequently.
  • amazing salt flor Reef tank By UrbanReef on 7/27/2015

    te salt mixed very fast; the fish seem to be very happy and corals have adapted fast to it; I do see everything opening more than I have seen before. Will continue to use this salt
  • Best salt I ever used By Sean on 7/27/2015

    I've tried a lot of different salts and this is the best salt yet. This salt inproved color on my green acropora coral, less brown and more green now. dKh is round 9. Something to be aware of if you run higher. mixed cleaner than any salt ive seen.
  • Bad batch? Dkh tested at 7 By Mr. Fishtank on 7/10/2015

    Just got my 5 or 6th batch and something's wrong. I mix the salt really good befor it's added to the water. Made 15 gallons then Tested after 12 hrs of mixing and the dkh was at 7. Never had this issue befor. It has always been between 8.7 and 9. I would still recommend this salt as long as I don't get another bad batch.
  • Good salt, Alk is higher than the advertised 9Dkh in latest batch By Ben on 7/10/2015

    I started using this salt last year after seeing BRS video on the product. I did buy 5 boxes for my 50 gallon reef tank during the Christmas sales. 3 of the boxes turned into solid rocks by the time I opened it. I never opened the packages previously and they were still vacuumed sealed. I think the bag does let in moisture so if you plan to buy in bulk I would buy at the most enough salt for 3 months. I contacted BRS and they did refund my money which was great. I ordered 2 more boxes that I've stored in sealed buckets. I do want to point out that the Alk of the salt last year was around 8.5. The new batch I received on 6/2015 the Alk was closer to 10. I check the Alk with a Hanna checker. Make sure to test the salt everytime you open a new box to be safe especially if you keep SPS and you are planning to do a large water change. Overall I am happy with the salt since it does mix clear and leaves no residue I the mixing container. I plan on using this salt for foreseeable future. The calcium tested at 430 and the magnesium was 1280 tested with Red Sea kits. Salt was mixed to salinity of 1.026.
  • Interesting Salt By Shawn on 7/4/2015

    I switched from Red Sea to this stuff & my corals luv it. Mixes fast & no residue. I wish it was boxed more for the money to compete with other salt brands.

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