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  • 5 Stage RO Drinking & Reef System Instructions
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BRS 5 Stage Drinking & Reef RO/DI System - 75GPD

SKU: 200440

  • Amazing Product By Edward on 2/4/14

    I ordered this for my reef tank and so we could have a pure water drinking system. It does extremely well. My friend ordered one on Ebay it was cheaper and it was 100gpd but mine actually does more in a day and a lot quicker.
  • BRS 5 Stage Drinking & Reef RO/DI System - 75GPD By peltaz on 11/8/13

    In short this is an awesome system. It is well made, easy to install and works flawlessly. I love that I no longer have to haul water to and from the LFS. I really love that when I am not making RO/DI the system is making RO for drinking.
    This was my first purchase from BRS but certainly won't be my last.
  • Awesome filters By Iz on 6/24/13

    Best investment in the long run, and its so easy to use.
  • Much better than any home imporvement store can offer By Kathy on 3/7/13

    Our 15 year old drinking water RO system from Sears burst about 3 months after I purchased the 4 stage RO/DI from BRS for my fish tanks. Decided to use the 4 stage at our shop and purchase this system with the holding tank for drinking water after looking at Lowes and HDepot. Nothing they had compared to this unit for ease of use, availability of replacement components and water quality.
    Installed the whole unit minus the DI canister under kitchen sink. Ran line to DI unit in basement for fish tanks. Watched video to confirm installation. Easy hook up. Directions a little confusing for extra tap- look VERY closely at the picture and watch the video. Water filling the drinking water tank and when running DI water for fish tanks is a little noisey but a good reminder your water is running if you don't have a ATO. :) TDS Meter on DI unit is so worth the xtra few bucks. Changing filters is a breeze, color changing media makes it rediculously easy. Best tasting water that doesn't run through DI. Wish I knew about BRS years ago, only place to find fittings and the most affordable RO/DI system on the market. Highly recommended.
  • Great Buy. By Chase on 9/11/12

    I've had the system in for about 3 months now and couldn't be happier. Was a breeze to install. All the brackets and canisters are sturdy and solidly built. Came with more hose than I would ever need and the connections make things easy to take apart if you make a mistake or need to redo some routing under the sink.

    My water is at 90 psi (I know it's high) but no leaks. I would recommend the 150 gal upgrade. Puts out 3 tds water out of the RO filter for drinking and cooking, down from around 360 tds out of the tap.

    The water did have a rubber taste for a few days from the bladder in the storage tank, which was expected and did go away after the tank was broken in. The faucet can be a bit loud when the system is making water, but it lets me know that the system is making water. It has been well worth the price and BRS support is top notch.
  • Too Easy! By Scott on 9/5/12

    This system is well thought out to say the least. I had the online video playing on my laptop while I installed the system and I only had to pause it a few times to keep up with the pace of the video. The faucet is a bit noisy when the system is circulating, but that is the ONLY concern I could think of. Great product, worth every cent!
  • good product good price By thanh on 8/22/12

    its the best value ro/di unit on the market. have not had to change cartridge yet. 25 gal every two weeks water change plus house cooking with water.
  • good value great product By Thanh on 8/17/12

    compared other brand of RO/DI, this buy far is the best value. in used for about six months still 0 tds. 92 gal 20% water change every two weeks in addition to regular house hold use. recomend the 150gal upgrade. fairly easy install, just make sure you have the correct drill bit to create hole in sink.
  • Very easy install and great results for water taste By Andrew on 7/24/12

    I bought this for two reason. Before I got back into the hobby I was considering buying a standalone RO system for drinking water. We consume a large amount of bottled water in our house due to the taste of our tap water. I have unsuccessfully tried to get everyone to use the Pur filter. It just didn't cut it. With this system the water taste was completely addressed. I'm now proud to report we all buy stopped buying bottled water.

    For the full RO/DI part I'm also happy to report that I see zero TDS water being made. I don't know what my supply is though. The RO is supplying 9-15PPM to the DI unit.

    All in all very pleased and looking forward to years of great clean drinking water and a tank with happy fish and inverts.
  • Quality, easy instalation, perfect for home use as well as reef tank. By Prowler on 7/13/12

    I would like to salute whoever designer this unit. Well built, a snap to install under the sink in the fish room. I also got the or storage tank, no more bottled water! Presently keeping 180 reef, 90 reef, 65 reef, and two 29 gallon biocubes.

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