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  • BRS 6 Stage RO Parts Bag

BRS 6 Stage Chloramines DELUXE
RO/DI System - 75GPD

SKU: 200452

  • This system is Awesome By Richard on 8/25/2014

    This system is awesome. It was up and running in no time. One fitting initially leaked, but simply pushing in the hose to make sure it was fully seated solved the problem. Monitor read 0 TDS coming out of the system right away.
  • AWSOME By John on 8/13/2014

    Just removed a unit that the wife and i were renting with this unit. If i would of know about this unit before i started my salt water adventure i would of gotten this unit two years ago. I also have the drinking water hook up. I just got in the auto flush system i don't need a booster pump since i have an average of 65 to 75 psi of water pressure after the filterers. and at the line into the hose about 80 psi. This is the best System on the market in my opinion. I will more then likely up grade to the 150 when i go from a 38 gallon to my dream 250 gallon.
  • Freakin Awesome By T.J. on 8/12/2014

    Didn't think I would get excited about a RO/DI unit....I really like it though! It's very well made. All the added perks of the deluxe are really nice. Well done BRS!!!
  • Impressively convenient and easy to use. By anizato on 7/21/2014

    This filter is incredible.
    It takes about 12 minutes to fill a gallon or so @ 50ish psi.

    My water is pristine and tastes better than any bottled product out there.

    My reef is in great shape thanks to the 0 TDS water. It is great to just have vast amounts of RODI water at home without having to go anywhere for it or carry it around more than a few feet.

    Plus, the "waste" water from the black line is great for watering the grass, plants, washing the car and mopping, rinsing dishes, etc.

    Use it almost everyday and still get 8TDS coming into the DI-Resin and 0TDS coming out. PERFECT H20.

    It also has the convenience of being portable. If for some reason you can't have this unit permanently installed you could easily store it (keep the water inside, don't drain it). Coming with several ways to adapt it to your specific plumbing situation it is impressively convenient and easy to use.
  • Great Addition! By Maxwell on 5/19/2014

    This product is very easy to set up and use. I was very happy to find the filter monitor pre programed for each stage. Makes me wish I ordered this sooner.
  • Excellent By MechEngineer on 5/19/2014

    A must have for saltwater aquariums; your water company can switch over to Chloramines anytime so this protects you by filtering that and Chlorine. It took my water company a year to send a letter that Chloramines will kill your fish if you don't treat it. It came with a broken filtration monitor but BRS replaced it immediately. I've run thousands of gallons thru it and still working great.
  • Excellent By Luthor167 on 5/16/2014

    I'm very happy with my ro/di system. I have it setup to both provide great purity water for my tank and also water for the family. My next purchase will likely be the booster pump as my water pressure here is only 40 psi where I have it connected (Laundry room) and higher pressures not only increase production rate, they lower the amount of waste water created when the RO is in use. I'm building my mixing station in the laundry room tomorrow!
  • Buy it! By Curtis on 4/21/2014

    I have just started into the Saltwater hobby and I just set up my RO/DI system. very easy and works very well.
  • Buy it!!! By brandon on 4/17/2014

    Arrived in one piece and works great. Was suprised by how well it really is built...wish id got it last year so id saved money.
  • Great By Sam on 4/16/2014

    Love this R/O machine

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