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BRS 5 Stage Chloramines PLUS
RO/DI System - 75GPD

SKU: 200451

  • A M A Z I N G !!! By DJ on 9/8/2014

    The build quality is top notch!! The kit has everything you need, and more!! Instructions are fool proof, and the system works fantastic!!! A Must have for any reef keeper!!! Thanks BRS this unit is worth every cent!
  • Surprising!! By Devin on 9/3/2014

    This is an amazing unit! Build Quality is way above average!! For the money, you CANNOT do better than this! it is so easy to use and set up, everything you need comes with it!! Thanks BRS!!!
  • Great system By MICHAEL on 6/23/2014

    This a great water making system. The TDS meter lets you know that you are making good water or it's time to change those filters. I've had mine for a year now. The only part I had break was my fault the elbows on the water inlet are not made to withstand impact from concrete. Simple and cheap fix though. Be aware that RODI water is made faster as temps are elevated and very slow on cold water. I hook mine up to a water hose (part provided) and make on the weekends. I make about 50-60 gallons a month. At that rate Ive changed my filters once after about 8 months of use.
  • Very good deal and best set up By BostonReef on 6/3/2014

    Took less than two hours to have it installed under bathroom sink, since it came with every possible connection. This way I have the waste/pure water lines run into the bath tub so theres no worry of overflowing. Running well at ~55 PSI and producing about 2-2.5 GPH.

    For the price, you can't beat the quality, out-of-the-box functionality, and especially the dual TDS and pressure meters. These combined with the autoflush system make it a breeze to know whats going on and extend resin/membrane life. When I turn on after sitting off, I autoflush and watch the TDS in plummet from ~150-200 to 8-10, which is where it tends to stay. Always 0 TDS going out so far.

    I will update if I find complaints, but so far I'm thrilled.
  • Essential Accessory By Alex on 5/19/2014

    If you are serious keeping a reef tank, you have to have one of these RO/DI units. I got the 5 stage chloramine plus and it's worth every penny. The construction is first rate and very easy to assemble. It comes with all the accessories to hook it up out of the box which is a nice touch. I like the ability to measure the total dissoved solids as an extra peace of mind. I've had it for a few months and there is no going back.
    Highly recommended!
  • Great Product & Excelant Workmanship! By Jamie & Cora on 5/16/2014

    This is a great value and well worth the price! I wrestled with investing in an RO/DI system thinking I could skate by with a economy filter system from a competitor. Boy was I wrong. I wish I would have invested in this system first. These guys really know what they are talking about and had me sold after I watched the video. BRS you have a gained a loyal customer. For all others riding the fence, make the purchase. You WILL be glad you did.
  • Great product By NIck on 5/10/2014

    I bought 5 stage with Chloramines remover and upgrade to 150 gpd. This system is great and works perfect.
  • Great Product! By Sam on 4/23/2014

    Shipping and packaging was excellent. Quality and workmanship is far better than any competing product. Overall value and performance is exactly what I needed.
  • Awesome By Austin on 4/19/2014

    Just installed and checked out my water. The RO unit gets me down to 30 ppm and he DI has me clean at 0. I live in a 100 year old house with old pipes and this unit is able to get me down to a TDS of 0
  • Great By Mark on 4/15/2014

    Very well constructed and easy to assemble.

    Good job

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