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BRS 5 Stage Chloramines PLUS
RO/DI System - 75GPD

SKU: 200451

  • Great By Mark on 4/15/14

    Very well constructed and easy to assemble.

    Good job
  • Best Value Around! By Geoffrey on 4/1/14

    I couldn't be happier with my 5 stage chloramines plus system it has worked excellently thus far. I purchased it when it was deal of the day and it's the best money I've spent for equipment. You get an top notch constructed ro/di unit that so far for me has made perfect 0 tds water (about 100 gallons so far). Love this BRS made unit have had zero second thoughts.
  • Happy tank By spankme10 on 3/31/14

    Happy tank. Happy Us.
    Super easy to assemble.
    Love the auto shutoff.
    Next purchase, float valve and storage tanks.
    At 60 psi I'm seeing about a gallon per hour with the 150 gpd add on kit. It cut the waste water discharge in half.
  • Great and solid filter By jacyn on 3/27/14

    THis was my first time using my own RODI filter at home. Set up was reallly easy. THe first time I ran it not a single leak and this one comes with all the upgrades you would want. Great package. City of MIami uses Chlormines if anyone lives in the City and is wondering if they use cholrine or chloramine. I called and spoke to the water department to find out.
  • BYE BYE CHLORAMINES By Ryan on 3/20/14

    Love this RODI system, very easy to set up and use. Makes 5 gal of clean water in 2 hours on my city pressure. hassle free!
  • Great! By Joe on 3/11/14

    Just what I needed. I am new to the hobby and was topping off with saltwater... Then I was using distilled water from the grocery store until this unit arrived. Salinity is good to go now.It is such a convenience. Does take up some real-estate under the kitchen sink and is a little pricey, but worth it IMO as it will pay for itself in the long run. Many times over for large tanks.
  • Excellent Quality Product By Gordie - West Allis, WI on 2/24/14

    Very impressed with quality and workmanship. Would have definitely rated this a "5" but to begin with, the BRS 6 Stage Chloramine system that I wanted was out of stock, and the directions that came with my unit left much to be desired regarding valve position for initial flush after set up. Directions should be "step by step" with pictures and explanations for us "new bees" that are buying these systems for drinking water, not possessing extensive aquarium experience or a masters in hydrolic engineering. Telling someone to turn a valve on or off means nothing unless you know what on and off are. A diagram with each component clearly labeled would also be helpful. Instructional video on BRS website did not load so I had to go to YouTube to figure out what to do. This made my 5 minute install an hour and a half, as most videos told me everything except what I needed to know.

    Last recommendation would be for BRS to look past the aquarium business and to become a little more user friendly to folks stuck on municipal water that just want an alternative to the standard under counter system. For instance, I live in a 2 bedroom apt. that has an unused half bath. This allowed me to keep everything wall mounted & out in the open (I have a 5 gal. Rubbermaid beverage cooler w/float valve for R/O collection). This will make monitoring, disinfecting and filter service a breeze.

    Bottom line - After 3 weeks of research and a sales call from A rental service, BRS is definitely the way to go, both in cost and quality. Even though the filters are supposed to sit for a day, my unit was producing Monochloramine free water within 1 hour of initial flush.

  • Very well built By gpsreef on 2/7/14

    Had to explain to my significant other that this wasn't a $500 dollar piece of equipment b/c it's build so solidly. Run's great and has produced nothing but 0 tds water. I do have a question what is the blue valve on top of the unit? I know the grey valve is for flushing out the carbon but the only thing I know about the blue valve on top is that when open I'm down around 20 psi and when I close it I'm getting a much nicer 40 psi.
  • well built By trent on 12/28/13

    this is a well built product and a must if you are serious about keeping a reef tank.

    easy to use and the TDS meter is great for letting you know when to change out the media.

    I have been using mine for six months and have had no problems.
  • Awsome Product By Zach on 12/19/13

    Awesome high quality product. Great having own system at home and being able to control system after having issues with RO/DI water from petstore with extremely high nitrates that almost took out my tank. Awesome buy and would suggest to anyone so you can control you water quality being produced with proper filter changes. Have already recommended to multiple people.

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