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BRS 5 Stage SPARTAN RO/DI System - 300GPD

SKU: 200427

  • The Spartan is FAST & EFFICIENT By Keystone Reefscapes on 1/23/14

    This unit kicks out a tremendous amount of water without use of a booster or auxiliary pump, while minimizing the amount of waste water it produces in the process. My 30 gallon reservoir fill up in about four hours. Nice!
  • Absolutely love this unit! By lukasz on 1/13/14

    Absolutely love this unit!
  • TDS from 300 to 0!! By Anthony on 1/7/14

    Running on well water our TDS was 300. Wanted to save the trips to the water installed this system . After membrane TDS is 5 and after DI it's running 0!! Great performance and great quality.
  • Awesome unit By Anurag on 11/26/13

    I bought this unit today 11/25/2013 and highly recommend the unit. I was debating between filterdirect and BRS unit since this was little expensive but after looking the unit and parts included in this unit cover all the price. also the unit filterdirect sells is not clear. so far loving it.
  • Excellent machine and great deal! By Roorster on 11/2/13

    One of the best units I have owned for the price. The filter size allows for excellent filtration with minimal maintenance required. The unit was extremely easy to install and hooked directly into my bathroom faucet. This was nice because it did not
    require any permanent alterations. 3 Tds meters is also nice to stay on top of which filters are going bad vs changing all the filters when the Tds rises.
  • Speedy By Caleb on 8/29/12

    Fastest RO/DI I've experienced. Was slightly damaged in shipping, BRS resolved very quickly. Def recommend the auto shut off. I made a huge mess :)
  • The King of RO/DI units By Skyler on 2/24/12

    This units powers our retail store at 18 gallons an hour after a little mod, it puts out over 400 gallons day. Tap water line comes in at 160 and after RO is 5 and then the DI is 0. We pumped over 4000 gallons in the first 12 days! Its time to buy two more of these units to replace the old ones.
  • 300 GPD TDS Spartan By Blade009 on 1/6/12

    Lets jus say this unit looks like a r/o sys on steroids,It has massive filters,But where i live water is expensive so the duel inline membrain wast water saver was a no brainer,Looks like the unit is built to last.
  • great unit By CliftonArbogast on 6/11/11

    I have terrible water (460 TDS inlet) this cleaned it to 30 before the resin bed! and 0 after, i love how fast it is, the booster pump is great addition too as my inlet pressue is <40. Down side to living in the country if there is one.
  • Worth the Wait By Jacob on 4/24/11

    I had to wait for this unit to be back in stock, but that wait was well worth it. This unit is the gold standard in RO/DI units. Construction is top notch and performance is outstanding. My waste water is cut in half and the dual TDS monitors make monitoring performance simple. Highly recommended.

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