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BRS 4 Stage Value RO/DI System - 75GPD

SKU: 200400

  • great buy why didn't I buy it sooner By jlopez on 3/28/14

    Got free shipping on this item and it arrived 2 weeks later, upon reading the instructions had it setup and running with in 10 mins was making water with in an hour and a half, now when I need to make a water change I just let it run overnight, mix a batch in the morning and
    In the evening I'm making a water change!!! Beats hauling buckets around and should pay for itself in 6 months! Overall a high quality product with quality parts thanks BRS!!!
  • great product By valerie on 2/27/14

    This product is easy to install and really cleans your water, even when our DI resin was ready to be changes, we still had 0 tds. I would recommend this to anyone that would like good clean water for your tank.
  • Get the Plus Model By Adam on 2/21/14

    I'm so happy I went with the plus model. The TDS and the pressure gauge take the guess work out of filter changes and pressure problems.

    I had low pressure from the start but I wouldn't have known that without the plus model. I ended up contacting my city and they sent someone out to bump up our pressure.

  • Great Value and Ease of Use By Jordan on 2/21/14

    This was one of the cheapest, if not the cheapest, RO/DI systems I could fine. With this system, it will definitely pay for itself very quickly and will save you plenty of trips to the store if you don't have an RO/DI system already. The setup instructions are very easy to setup. Plus if you don't have a designated area to permanently place the system, it is very easy to screw into a kitchen or bathroom sink, fill up your containers, then unscrew and put away.
  • Great product By Will on 1/22/14

    I recently purchased an ro/di unit off of fleebay and had to return it the next day due to leaking out of every place possible. Decided to pay the extra $30 for this unit and it is by far leaps and bounds a superior product. The quality is second to none and had me pumping out 0ppm water within 30 minutes. Awesome
  • Very Pleased By Preston on 1/6/14

    I am well pleased with this product. It churned out 0 ppm for me for a long time. Easy to set up and everything works flawless. Much better than my Coralife RO unit.

  • Love the product By Cozmo C on 12/29/13

    Purchased this unit recently. Looks and feels like a high quality product. Worked like a high quality product as well. Had to do a major water change last night and pumped 20-25 gallons fairly quickly. Gonna purchase the Dual DI canisters next.
  • Great products at a reasonable price! By Kevin on 12/20/13

    I purchased my BRS RODI unit about 8 months ago and I just ordered my first replacement media. Its a fantastic product that is well built and has held up very well. Its simple to change the media inside the canisters. The only beef I had about the product was the faucet attachment, its not really BRS fault but my faucet accepted a female thread and this had a male so I had to buy a 5 dollar adapter. The money you save and time fighting nuisance algae and impurities in your system makes up for the low price cost of this unit in no time!
  • value 75 gpd rodi By Michelle YV CA on 12/14/13

    A very nice solid unit. I missed out on the black Friday door buster plus addition, but ordered this one for $110 and had enough left over for the DIY pressure gauge and flush kit. This is very well built with a metal holder rather than the cheap plastic spectra pure brand. 5 stars BRS!!!
  • Great Product By Casey on 12/14/13

    0 PPM right out of the box. Couldn't be happier and very impressed with the construction and build quality of the unit.

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