Red Sea NO3:PO4-X Nitrate & Phosphate Reducer

Red Sea Nitrate & Phosphate Reducer
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  • Red Sea Nitrate & Phosphate Reducer

Red Sea NO3:PO4-X Nitrate & Phosphate Reducer

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  • This is the "silver bullet"! By on 5/16/2016

    I have a BioCube 29, in operation successfully for over 4 years. I put every modification on it that it can accommodate: Hydor skimmer, InTank media tower, Innovative Marine bio-pellet reactor, Maxspect LEDs, upgraded Cobalt pump, etc. I have been successfully growing softies and some SPS. I have a montipora plate that has grown from quarter size to 8 inches in diameter. However, for all this time I have been fighting nitrates and phosphates. Nitrates have always been in the range of 12-16 ppm, and phosphates .06-.10. I've carbon dosed with Continuum Microfuel; tried two different brands of bio-pellets; tried several different brands of GFO; have been religious about weekly water changes (about 20%) and changing my Purigen pillow every two months. I finally decided to try NO3:PO4-X, and I'm glad I did! After one week my nitrates dropped to 4 ppm and my phosphates to .02. After the second week my nitrates are at 1 ppm and my phosphates are at 0. I followed the directions carefully. Resist the temptation to overdose. This stuff works where nothing else has, and I could not recommend it more highly.
  • Cautionary Note: Efficient protein skimming is REQUIRED if you use NO3:PO4-X. By on 4/6/2016

    This is a cautionary note to 'reefers' who have not used this product before and who may not typically read instructions thoroughly prior to using a new product. After I received the product I did my usual routine of reading everything that came with it. I found a brief note stating that efficient protein skimming is required in order to maintain appropriate oxygen levels in the water. That is because NO3:PO4-X increases bacterial activity which in turn causes oxygen levels to drop below levels safe for your aquarium inhabitants. Red Sea confirmed to me via Email that this is in fact a requirement, not a recommendation. Since I am one of the minority of 'reefers' who relies upon frequent and consistent water changes instead of skimming I returned the product. All other components of the Red Sea Reef Care Program (RCP) can be used without protein skimming which was also confirmed to me by Red Sea Customer Service.
  • Great Nitrate Reducer By on 3/21/2016

    I always buy the larger quantity as I use it to keep Nitrates down in my 120G Reef Aquarium. You can always tell if I forget a few days as the corals start to suffer. Its great for Nitrates as long as you don't overdose as you will get some stringy growth in your sump and return nozzles. Just follow the dosage daily for your water volume and this stuff works like a charm. It does work better on Nitrates than it does on phosphates but I make my own RODI with 0 TDS at home so phosphates are low anyway.
  • Great - Be careful! By on 2/24/2016

    I was able to completely eliminate algae from my display tank using this dosing system. Make sure to get a dosing pump and GO SLOW! My initial readings measured I had no phosphates (yea rite) because my GHA was eating all of it up so I had to guess and went with half of the initial recommendation for my tank size. At one point my water got cloudy as I was ramping up the dosing amount so cut back about 40% and did 50% water change. Everything is still alive and I'm maintaining a lower dose amount.
  • Becarefull By on 1/11/2016

    I had 0 Phophates and 2 Nitrate try to use this to bring it down but after 3 days all my LPS , polyps a zoas shrimp fish star acting up and the aquarium look dead in color so I stop change water put carbon reactor , carbon bags and GFO reactor to clean it out hope things go back to normal
  • Works for me By on 10/18/2015

    Am using this method w/dosing pump. I had a bad Sal. NO3 test kit and was reading 0. Corals were starting to look bad. So I tried to order new Sal. kit and as usual was on backorder. So I read up and decided to go with a Red Sea test kit as you can replace regeants at lesser cost. Got kit and read at 60ppm. Wow. I knew this would cost a fortune in water changes so I ordered this product and had a spare doser open. Did a few water changes on a weekly basis, and was dosing as the instructions said to. It worked and now I continue dosing at lower dose and will continue to. I have lowered my Alk. as per recommendation and the build up on sides of sump is minimal. The frogspawn has stopped regressing and slowly started to come back. Would have lost them for sure if not found problem when I did. Research says to run at no more than 7.5dkh and I have. It saves me alk dosing to higher levels. Ph is still good. Has good shelf life, is easier to dose than vodka as No3:Po4-X seems to be consistant and is formulated for this purpose. I feed liberally with several large fish in 250gal DT. This system is keeping NO3 to 0-1 ppm and that is great. Have tried sulfur denitrifiers, is hard to regulate, has awful smell, and still have to clean, replace sulfur and spend $ to power pump on that system. Was going to try bio-pellets but the best reactor maker has gone under, so sad(reef dynamics). I test weekly and have not seen higher than 1ppm in 4 mo. THIS STUFF WORKS if used as directed. The large bottle lasts me 11/2 to 2 mo. under $15 a month for 0-1 ppm. Priceless.
  • Better Than Biopellets By on 9/27/2015

    I had a biopellet reactor for five months and it never controlled nitrates. It took another pump, took up space, had to be cleaned and was a pain. I got rid of it.

    I bought a dosing pump and NOPOX and it worked extremely well. You can very precisely bring your nitrates down to near zero. I made a mistake and overdosed and brought my phosphate and nitrate to absolute zero. This caused a bacterial bloom that lasted a few days. It's awesome you can calibrate it to exactly where you want your nitrates. It needs help with phosphates though and I use a small amount of Phosgard.
  • GREAT!! By on 8/23/2015

    I've been using this along with most of the Red Sea Reef Program. It has eliminated my Nitrogen and I can tweak levels for softies when I want. I was skeptical about the phosphates being controlled, but when I ran out of GFS and Phosguard I noticed the Phosphorous dropping to almost imperceptible levels: which is a better indicator of phosphorous levels. Just have to give it time.
  • Excellent product! By on 8/10/2015

    This stuff in amazing! Was having an issue with diatoms, and cyano for a long time. I tried all kinds of products/lots of water changes/cleaning this/cleaning that... This is the ONLY thing that has put a stop to it! I highly recommend this to everyone with a reef/fowlr tank.
  • Great stuff! By on 6/5/2015

    This is great stuff for carbon dosers out there. Basically a concentrated form of vodka and vinegar. To me it meant dosing smaller amounts and less of an affect on PH that I had otherwise dosing only vinegar. Good stuff at a good price. Careful to not overdose as I currently dose 4ml a day in a 95 total system volume to maintain 0ppm nitrates and .10 phosphates with no GFO.

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