Red Sea NO3:PO4-X Nitrate & Phosphate Reducer

Red Sea Nitrate & Phosphate Reducer
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  • Red Sea Nitrate & Phosphate Reducer

Red Sea NO3:PO4-X Nitrate & Phosphate Reducer

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  • Better Than Biopellets By John on 9/27/2015

    I had a biopellet reactor for five months and it never controlled nitrates. It took another pump, took up space, had to be cleaned and was a pain. I got rid of it.

    I bought a dosing pump and NOPOX and it worked extremely well. You can very precisely bring your nitrates down to near zero. I made a mistake and overdosed and brought my phosphate and nitrate to absolute zero. This caused a bacterial bloom that lasted a few days. It's awesome you can calibrate it to exactly where you want your nitrates. It needs help with phosphates though and I use a small amount of Phosgard.
  • GREAT!! By Dave on 8/23/2015

    I've been using this along with most of the Red Sea Reef Program. It has eliminated my Nitrogen and I can tweak levels for softies when I want. I was skeptical about the phosphates being controlled, but when I ran out of GFS and Phosguard I noticed the Phosphorous dropping to almost imperceptible levels: which is a better indicator of phosphorous levels. Just have to give it time.
  • Excellent product! By ae86oni on 8/10/2015

    This stuff in amazing! Was having an issue with diatoms, and cyano for a long time. I tried all kinds of products/lots of water changes/cleaning this/cleaning that... This is the ONLY thing that has put a stop to it! I highly recommend this to everyone with a reef/fowlr tank.
  • Great stuff! By Dave on 6/5/2015

    This is great stuff for carbon dosers out there. Basically a concentrated form of vodka and vinegar. To me it meant dosing smaller amounts and less of an affect on PH that I had otherwise dosing only vinegar. Good stuff at a good price. Careful to not overdose as I currently dose 4ml a day in a 95 total system volume to maintain 0ppm nitrates and .10 phosphates with no GFO.
  • Great Product By Grnous01 on 4/15/2015

    Having had stubbornly high Nitrates (40-60ppm) months after initial set-up of a 120gal, w/ a 27gal water change each month + using phosphate pads & Chemiblue to reduce / remove No3 / Po4, I ordered this & used just 15ml daily , testing values throughout, & reached zero No3 in13days w/o any water change.
    It clearly works & would recommend
  • Most effective By Steven on 2/6/2015

    I have tried various ways to keep phosphates under control without ever consistently maintaining a low nutrient tank. This is by far the most effective and easiest I have encountered. I am stili fine tuning the dosage but I am extremely encouraged.
  • so far so good By Mike on 10/29/2014

    My NO3 was 40+ ppm, PO4 was 2.06. Corals were closed and dying, fast. I wanted a liquid "media" so I wouldnt have to use a reactor. I started using this 1 week ago on my 75g reef, softies mostly, some lps. After a week of use, NO3 is now 10 and PO4 is now 1.58 and going down. Great stuff!!! I'm purchasing another bottle to maintain my wifes tank.
  • Great Product By Fernando on 6/1/2014

    Does exactly what it says. I've been using the for 6 months and it keeps my levels in check.
  • Love this stuff By Chewdoggie on 5/26/2014

    I had been fighting some weird dinoflagellete outbreak for over a year. I had tried everything short of tearing the tank down and starting over. I had done daily water changes and then skipped to doing zero water changes for nearly six months. Yes, my nitrates and phosphates were thru the roof.

    I had practically given up and was really ready to ditch the tank and saving up for all new know I was serious if I'd reached this point. So, after a friend kept pushing me to carbon dose again...and I had done vodka and biopellets in the past...I decided to try a liter of NOPOX.

    Well, the bottle is nearly empty at 9mls/day and I can happily say that the dinos are almost completely gone. I'm embarrassed to tell you that my nitrates had risen to over 200ppm and my phosphates were 2.5ppm. I have done one 20 gl water change on my 90gl system since starting the NOPOX. Today the nitrates were at 5ppm. Phosphates are holding at 2.5ppm, but as I understand it from the guide the PO4 will not begin to decline until the NO3 hits we are getting there.

    Now saying all this, I would advise you to be careful with the stuff, know what it is and how it works and preferably stick it on a doser (I use the BRS 1.1ml).

  • Buy it if you have a good skimmer By Newreef15 on 4/24/2014

    If you are going to buy this product make sure you have a high quality skimmer and a high quality test kit for your nitrates and phosphates. It does a really awesome job of keeping my nitrates in check I still have to use some GFO to lower my phosphates but it does a great job of keeping my nitrates under control.

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