Red Sea NO3:PO4-X Nitrate & Phosphate Reducer

Red Sea Nitrate & Phosphate Reducer
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  • Red Sea Nitrate & Phosphate Reducer

Red Sea NO3:PO4-X Nitrate & Phosphate Reducer

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  • Great stuff! By Dave on 6/5/2015

    This is great stuff for carbon dosers out there. Basically a concentrated form of vodka and vinegar. To me it meant dosing smaller amounts and less of an affect on PH that I had otherwise dosing only vinegar. Good stuff at a good price. Careful to not overdose as I currently dose 4ml a day in a 95 total system volume to maintain 0ppm nitrates and .10 phosphates with no GFO.
  • Great Product By Grnous01 on 4/15/2015

    Having had stubbornly high Nitrates (40-60ppm) months after initial set-up of a 120gal, w/ a 27gal water change each month + using phosphate pads & Chemiblue to reduce / remove No3 / Po4, I ordered this & used just 15ml daily , testing values throughout, & reached zero No3 in13days w/o any water change.
    It clearly works & would recommend
  • Most effective By Steven on 2/6/2015

    I have tried various ways to keep phosphates under control without ever consistently maintaining a low nutrient tank. This is by far the most effective and easiest I have encountered. I am stili fine tuning the dosage but I am extremely encouraged.
  • so far so good By Mike on 10/29/2014

    My NO3 was 40+ ppm, PO4 was 2.06. Corals were closed and dying, fast. I wanted a liquid "media" so I wouldnt have to use a reactor. I started using this 1 week ago on my 75g reef, softies mostly, some lps. After a week of use, NO3 is now 10 and PO4 is now 1.58 and going down. Great stuff!!! I'm purchasing another bottle to maintain my wifes tank.
  • Great Product By Fernando on 6/1/2014

    Does exactly what it says. I've been using the for 6 months and it keeps my levels in check.
  • Love this stuff By Chewdoggie on 5/26/2014

    I had been fighting some weird dinoflagellete outbreak for over a year. I had tried everything short of tearing the tank down and starting over. I had done daily water changes and then skipped to doing zero water changes for nearly six months. Yes, my nitrates and phosphates were thru the roof.

    I had practically given up and was really ready to ditch the tank and saving up for all new know I was serious if I'd reached this point. So, after a friend kept pushing me to carbon dose again...and I had done vodka and biopellets in the past...I decided to try a liter of NOPOX.

    Well, the bottle is nearly empty at 9mls/day and I can happily say that the dinos are almost completely gone. I'm embarrassed to tell you that my nitrates had risen to over 200ppm and my phosphates were 2.5ppm. I have done one 20 gl water change on my 90gl system since starting the NOPOX. Today the nitrates were at 5ppm. Phosphates are holding at 2.5ppm, but as I understand it from the guide the PO4 will not begin to decline until the NO3 hits we are getting there.

    Now saying all this, I would advise you to be careful with the stuff, know what it is and how it works and preferably stick it on a doser (I use the BRS 1.1ml).

  • Buy it if you have a good skimmer By Newreef15 on 4/24/2014

    If you are going to buy this product make sure you have a high quality skimmer and a high quality test kit for your nitrates and phosphates. It does a really awesome job of keeping my nitrates in check I still have to use some GFO to lower my phosphates but it does a great job of keeping my nitrates under control.
  • WORKS By Ezy33 on 4/18/2014

    I tried this after changing to the Red Sea test kits. With a large bio load in a large system this is by far the most economical and efficient way for me to my nitrates and phosphates in check.
  • Fantastic! By Nelson on 4/3/2014

    I have tried nearly all forms of carbon dosing for nitrate and phosphate control at one time or another. This is by far my favorite. It is easy to determine your dosing size and starts working fast. Not as cheap as vodka dosing but worked faster for me and is definitely cheaper than multiple large water changes. I have good tank husbandry practices but like to have very low nitrate/phosphate levels for my sps. I primarily use this product only when needed like after a vacation where my mother-in-law was watching the tank. Highly recommended for every reefer from newbie to expert!
  • Agreed....this stuff works wonders By Justin on 4/1/2014

    120G tank with 10-20plus nitrates and water changes couldn't get them down very quick. Algae growth was starting to take over and I knew I had to do something fast.

    Read a little about this product...saw all the bad reviews but saw more positive ones. Decided to give it a try and dosed the suggested amount on day 1 for a 120G tank. Stupidly enough I realized that I probably didn't have a 120G worth of water, but more like 80 because of the live rock and sand in the tank. Bacterial bloom overnight, however I did what was recommended by Red Sea in a forum and did an immediate 40G water change. Wont make that mistake again, so a week later I dosed 1/4 of what I should and within a week my Nitrates and Phos are undetectable. I honestly couldn't believe it since I spot feed corals often and feed fish too. I had to get a double take, so I got a different Nitrate and Phos test kit, but got the same undetectable results. I even went out and bought a Hanna Digital Phos, which read the same. Took my water to the LFS, and also the same. Need a good skimmer, change my filter socks every 3 days but I tell you what, this stuff does what it should without any doubt. A+

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