Red Sea Reef Mature Pro Kit

Red Sea Reef Mature Pro Kit
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  • Red Sea Reef Mature Pro Kit

Red Sea Reef Mature Pro Kit

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  • good product By on 5/12/2016

    I would say this is pretty straight forward and easy to use. Water parameters have been on target with what they tell you to expect. Thumbs up.
  • Not sure if it helps By on 3/24/2016

    I bough this a while back and finally got to start using it. I was a little frustrated that there were no black and white directions as to how much each kit treated. FYI each kit treats 60 gallons. Ended up having to reorder a second kit because it was not clear enough how much it treated. Everything seems to be going as planned. Nitrates are higher than what kit says but I think that is mainly cause I am still learning how to use my protein skimmer. It said I could add a clean up crew. LFS didn't have anything today so I added a crab from another tank and we'll see how he fairs.
    Overall, I think it it has given my tank a good and healthy start for the better.
  • Not necessary By on 2/16/2016

    I used this kit for the 21 day as directed inthe instructions but my tank still wasn't cycled and Nitrates were off the charts. I believe I got a bad batch. I let the tank finish cycling on its own and it took about another two weeks. I don't believe this system helped my tank at all. Hopefully you have better luck
  • Nice Process for New Tank By on 1/21/2016

    I've been following along on the BRS 160 build. I'm giving it a try for my new build. 16 days in and things are progressing nicely. Note that the time frame assumes you are using live rock. I cured dry live rock for a month so the timing is different. I like using this method to spare a livestock the ammonia spike. Great product and good support as always form BRS!
  • Great product By on 12/27/2015

    Used this on my 65 gallon. I was able to complete the program with the contents. Amazed that it actually works. 5 weeks and I actually have coralline growing and perfect water parameters.
  • AWESOME! By on 7/9/2015

    Dont know what Andrew did but this is enough for a 60 gallon tank easy! Followed the directions but used live sand and dead rock. Went off exactly as instructions said it would.
  • Small amount By on 5/12/2015

    Make sure you get enough for your tank size. This only has enough for about a 25 gallon tank.