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Apex Controller Gold System - Neptune Systems

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  • Love it By on 4/1/2016

    Works great. Hooked it up calibrated and away it went I love being able to check on stats at work. My only issue I have is I don't really know how accurate my temp is. I have a couple different small digital thermometers that ready different temps. So I don't really have a good way to set the apex.
  • Great tool, will need to dedicate some time to set up By on 3/23/2016

    Great functionality and piece of mind, could see it paying for itself if it avoids one system crash or identifies a leak (need leak module). Set up was easy but takes some time. I see a number of folks have had frustrations around the networking aspect. I use a powerline (http://www.cnet.com/topics/networking/best-networking-devices/power-line-adapters/) which transmits your internet signal through your electrical lines... it's worked well, something to consider if you can't directly wire it to your router.
  • Worth it, But Not Easy By on 2/20/2016

    I'm still having issues with the conductivity probe, and I haven't called them about that yet. The system itself is beautiful and works well, but setup is not for the faint of heart. BRS walkthroughs of the Apex are a HUGE PLUS. Watch them all before attempting to set up anything. They do an excellent job of walking you through the process and avoiding pitfalls. Nice Job Guys. If you do that, and you're careful, I think you will be very pleased overall. I can now watch all of this from my iPhone, and get notifications of any issues before it becomes dangerous to the tank inhabitants. Peace of mind! Just do it.
  • Needed help, now great! By on 1/9/2016

    I actually purchased this model some time ago, but wasn't using it as much more than a specialized power bar... I wasn't using it to its potential due to the lack of wireless like someone else mentioned. I emailed Neptune Systems and was promptly helped by Luis and Paul via phone. As I run a MAC wireless system it was as easy as using a Mac Express on my Extreme system and rebooting the controller. Their customer service is fantastic... Yes it isn't wireless, but the fix is easy. I'm extending my system with WAV and WXM. Soon everything will be accessible from my laptop--YEAH!!!
  • you better have a lot of time to set this up By on 12/20/2015

    the directions are terrible (there are none you have to youtube everything )i have had it for 3 weeks now and I'm still not sure of everything yet. it may be a good product after all the aggravation it put me through. And bye the way you have to email for costumer service first. Talking on the phone is there last resort. So no directions and poor customer service
  • New User of the Neptune System By on 12/17/2015

    After receiving this product in the mail I found out it did not come with a manual but did come with a reason as to why the manual was not included, simply saving reefs one manual at a time. You will find all the helpful informational manuals online and through Neptune feeds. Overall this product will make any task easier and provide a more efficient way to keep your reef or fresh water tank in great shape for the longevity of all fish and invertebrates
  • Nightmare By on 12/10/2015

    The system was packaged nice and the equipment appears to be durable. However, after spending 3 hours getting everything set up and drilled into my stand, my display screen randomly stops working. Spend the next 6 hours calling customer support. No one ever answers. They have about 3 different voice prompts instructing you to reach out via email instead. In between calls I do this. Receive an auto generated response but no one ever reaches out to me. On the 7th hour (of me calling them) someone finally answers. He takes over my computer screen and tries to fix it on his end for about 4 minutes. He can't fix it. His solution: "take an hour of your time and go to your local post office, pay to ship the item to California, where our technicians will look at it and assess. If it is still under warranty we will fix at no charge to you and reship." My response: "You mean on the unit thats been out of the box for less than a day? I'm supposed to go to the post office and mail it back to you? You can't just send me another $20 head unit considering I spend nearly $2,000 on equipment from you? This isn't worth my time" Response: "Yes sir, that's what I'm saying."

    What I'm saying to you: Don't be fooled into buying this thing. The head unit is literally a piece of junk. You can tell when you pick it up - weighs less than my TV remote. Defunk literally out of the box. The Apex Fusion software is clunky and not intuitive at all. Have not tried the mobile software but the web version is about 5 years away from being competent (similar to ecotech's if you know what I mean).

    I bought this thing to give me peace of mind as I left the country for the holidays. Now I'll just be leaving the life in my 180g up to chance. They couldn't just send me a new display and have me send them this one when I got back. Thanks Apex.
  • Nice but not perfect By on 12/10/2015

    The system is well packaged and well made.

    A MAJOR ISSUE: These are not wifi enabled. They need to be plugged into a router via ethernet cord in order to use on phones/computers. For $800 in 2015, that is a total joke. Who puts an aquarium next to a computer/home network. Shame on Apex for this.

    Other than that the thing is great. Just make sure you have a 50 ft ethernet cable or an extra $200+ to buy the gaming wifi adapter they recommend.
  • would recommend this product By on 12/2/2015

    Since my purchase of this APEXFUSION GOLD. I was able to install it in about 4 hours. I have had to call support on my system as my graphs will not display on my dash board and I am currently still working on this issue. Once this gets working It should be a dream to set up the other advantages you can do with this system. I was surprised that they don't send the probe holder with this purchase.....it would have really been nice to put these into this holder upon installation.
  • You'll need to buy a laptop as well. By on 10/14/2015

    Ive owned this system about a year now. The tech support has was always helpful during setup or with general questions. The reason I'm giving this such a low rating is because the software, after all this time in development, still feels like a shaky house of cards. The firmware needs pretty frequent updating, and guess what? You have to have a direct wired connection to wherever you chose to install all these modules. So if your aquarium is far from you computer like me, you'll be buying a laptop! Or, you could attempt to update the firmware every time it needs it and risk "CATASTROPHIC" consequences they warn you about on your website.

    I travel for work frequently, which was my main reason for reaching for a certain level of automation. But with the frequent updates to try and keep this shaky software working, I'm often left away from my aquarium not able to use any of these features because I'm not home to jump through the hoops and get the firmware installed by crawling under my aquarium with a laptop.

    I only wish someone had told me this before I purchased this.

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