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Apex Gold System
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Apex Controller Gold System - Neptune Systems

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  • You'll need to buy a laptop as well. By Dirk on 10/14/2015

    Ive owned this system about a year now. The tech support has was always helpful during setup or with general questions. The reason I'm giving this such a low rating is because the software, after all this time in development, still feels like a shaky house of cards. The firmware needs pretty frequent updating, and guess what? You have to have a direct wired connection to wherever you chose to install all these modules. So if your aquarium is far from you computer like me, you'll be buying a laptop! Or, you could attempt to update the firmware every time it needs it and risk "CATASTROPHIC" consequences they warn you about on your website.

    I travel for work frequently, which was my main reason for reaching for a certain level of automation. But with the frequent updates to try and keep this shaky software working, I'm often left away from my aquarium not able to use any of these features because I'm not home to jump through the hoops and get the firmware installed by crawling under my aquarium with a laptop.

    I only wish someone had told me this before I purchased this.
  • It's all about control! By Justin on 9/17/2015

    Great product...allows you to have a piece of mind on how things are doing in your tank even while you're away.
  • Reef keeping should have always been like this By Adam on 9/5/2015

    I got out of reef keeping a number of years ago and swore I would not come back until the technology was better for people like me with very busy schedules. Having the Apex means I can check on the system any time, I can get warned when something is out of whack, and I can shut things down if a bad condition is occurring. All things I had to just figure out before with trial and error. The system is VERY easy to set up if you follow the startup guide and then you move on with custom programming if you want to configure things that help you. I set up a maintenance mode that shuts down the return pump, the skimmer and the ATO unit. Then at the end of the maintenance window it brings each thing back online in a specific order return pump, then pause for a minute and fire skimmer back up then four minutes in the ATO kicks back in after the level in the sump has stabilized again. The programming needed for that maintenance procedure took me all of 2 minutes to create. I HIGHLY recommend running the Apex controller on ANY size tank.
  • Everyone Should Have By Derek on 8/10/2015

    I honestly don't know how I went without every owning one of these. This product has and will simplify my maintenance so that I can actually spend time enjoying my tank ... The only thing I will complain about is the Conductivity Probe this thing is so finicky that I have not had one accurate reading since I've used it. I have constantly shaken it to ensure there are no micro bubbles on it and it works for and hour or so then it reads 0 Sg again.... It's a PITA to get dialed in and accurate.
  • Great once past hiccups By Ken on 7/23/2015

    I have had the Apex Gold for 6 months now and love the capabilities and control it gives me. I have however had communication issues with some modules. 1st one of my EB8's went into fallback mode then completely shut off and would not reboot. Then, the PM2 salinity module caused the second EB8 to go into fallback mode every time the PM2 was plugged in. It turned out the PM2 was defective. Neptune has since repaired both the EB8 and the PM2 module though I wound up paying for shipping to Neptune. Victor at customer service was very polite and helpful.
  • Total control for the reef keeper By Adam on 6/4/2015

    This was an upgrade from my Apex Jr. This version of the Apex gives full control over simply everything. The only part of this is the ORP, I have no idea what it is really measuring in the water and what it means but the rest is a must have.
  • Wow! By Joseph on 6/1/2015

    I haven't even begun to realize the capabilities of this unit. While in hindsight I wish I had bought better lights before buying this, I know that I would have bought this anyway thus I do not regret my purchase. I'm not entirely sure the Gold package is worth it as I suspect most reefer do not need the ORP functionality. That being said, I do love the ability to constant see my pH. This has already alerted me to check my alkalinity more often. Also, the ability to remotely see my temp alerted me to the fact that one of my heaters was dead even though I didn't yet have it hooked up to the Apex. Get it!
  • Evert tank should have one By Plomanto on 5/23/2015

    So far I am just using the apex to control the basic functions of the tank. I am also adding safety features.
    The apex s very straight forward to get set up
    I love the alert function that texts me if parameters get out of wac

  • Amazing you need this By Mike on 4/15/2015

    if you have any doubt , don't. Order this now and you'll wonder how you ever lived without it! Seriously.
  • Apex-not much else to say By Tripp on 4/1/2015

    Bought this to replace a very old Apex that finally died-I received it from my brother in law who bought it second hand, so no complaints as I assumed it had been abused. Neptune is even diagnosing the old one so I can hopefully use it for my frag and QT tanks. This time around I went with the Gold system with all the goodies, including their AFS. Didn't get doser yet however. Plug and play... Do wish the EB8 had more spacing and could vary the amp amts a bit more, but other than that, I'm very happy.

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