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Seaweed Extreme Sinking Pellet Fish Food - Hikari
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  • Seaweed Extreme Sinking Pellet Fish Food - Hikari
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Seaweed Extreme Fish Food - Hikari

  • Man fish go crazy.. By Muttley on 10/11/2014

    Man fish go crazy when I bring my bag out to feed in between frozen foods. This stuff is great. I use this food in conjunction with a dry food float on top of the water. It takes about 10 seconds then it sinks. Coloration and health is great!
  • Coloration of Fish is Fantastic By Andrew on 3/21/2014

    I mix a variety of the Hikari foods & the clownfish, Firefish & gobies even like this one. The coloration of my fish has improved in the 2 months of feeding Hikari foods. I wish I would have taken before pictures to show the improvement in coloration.
  • Product is good By Bob on 3/3/2014

    The fish seem to like it. Even fish that don't normally eat veg.
  • Great Product! By Shane on 2/17/2014

    I bought this before BRS carried it. Every fish in my tank eats this. Even the ones more prone to meat so I like the fact my blue jaw trigger gets his veggies! I also don't need to hang nori sheets in my tank which as you know can either be to much or gets loose. I use this as a pregame to feeding frozen or high quality dried. Give it a try and I think you will like the results.
  • Good stuff By Nuno on 12/30/2013

    My Herbivores and Omnivore seem to like this stuff and the Marine S.

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