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AutoAqua Smart ATO - Auto Top Off System

SKU: 208108

  • Perfect By Steve on 4/22/14

    It works flawlessly. Simple as that.
  • Awesome ATO! By paul87 on 4/17/14

    This is my first ATO so I really can't say if its worse or better than any of the others. However I can say it works exactly as advertised and id super small and includes a pump! Installation is a breeze and its compact size and no moving parts sealed the deal for me. Great product good job AquaAuto!
  • Minimal Footprint and Quick Setup By Brittany on 4/9/14

    I just received this ATO from BRS today. I had it up and running in less than 10 minutes. I have very limited space in my sump at the moment and I was still able to squeeze this baby in. The pump is so tiny I was skeptical but it sure does push some water! Time will tell how reliable it will be, but so far I am more than pleased. Great product at a great price. Thanks Coralvue and BRS!
  • So far so good.... By Jeremy on 3/25/14

    Just got this, hooked it up and calibrated itself and started pumping water. I'm pleased.
  • had big problems with this product By Nicholas on 3/25/14

    i used to have the JBJ and wanted to replace it with this product. this product was awful. It would empty my ATO chamber and my sump would be completely full which would mess with my skimmer levels.. also it would beep all the time for no apparent reason.. My JBJ was not broken and i have now learned the meaning of "Don't fix what isn't broken."

  • nice unit By Jason on 3/15/14

    Had it up and running in minutes so far so good its nice and compact
  • small By ryan on 3/3/14

    great space saver , but short tubing
  • What an awesome ATO system. By Timbo on 2/22/14

    This ATO is amazing. It is compact, accurate and the pump while smaller than you can imagine pumps water like crazy. Its also complete - no need to buy a pump separately like some other ATO systems. This little ATO keeps my water level just where it should be without taking up valuable sump space. I have a 220G reef tank with another 70 gallons of sump and this keeps it topped off without any issues.

    Other reviews have complained about the length of the cables that run to the ATO being too short, but CoralVue sells extension cables for this, with which you could make it as long as you need. I can't imagine a better ATO system being available at any price - if you are in the market for an ATO look no further. Buy this one and don't look back.
  • Very Precise and Low Profile By Jordan on 2/21/14

    This was my first ATO purchase and really did not want to get one with a float switch due to the possible issues with them getting stuck. The AutoAqua Smart ATO has been great thus far. Very easy setup which only took a few minutes to do. The pump is much smaller than I anticipated. The sensor is very precise and in my 16 gallon tank, it recognizes when the water level is down no more than 10-15 ounces of water. This is definitely a great choice and for the money, it is tough to beat when compared to other ATO's.
  • Love this ATO By chris on 1/16/14

    I am very happy with this ATO. It is TINY, I was surprised when I pulled it out of the box even after seeing all of the pictures. The pump should fit in any sized container that you plan to use for your ATO system. it is completely silent and pumps pretty fast for its size. I was very pleased. It takes just over a minute to set up and start. No moving parts and multiple failsafes to prevent accidents.

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