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AutoAqua Smart ATO - Auto Top Off System

SKU: 208108

  • Works awesome in Picotope By Ben on 7/18/2014

    I have this ATO in my picotope and it always keeps the water level within 1/4" in the tank. Pump is quiet and I've never experienced the beeping issues that other's have talked about.

    My no hassle procedure for a water change is:

    -Turn off ATO
    -Remove water
    -Replace water to level where I want it
    -Turn ATO on

    Done, no alarms or anything like that - going on 6 months with this unit.
  • Durring setup you love it but then... By shawn on 7/1/2014

    The safety features sound great but seem to also cause headaches. It is set with a 48 hr no fill alarm that isn't mentioned in the booklet. After setup if it's not activated to fill within the 48 hrs the alatm goes of with blue light. The book says the blue light means misalignment or the lense needs to be cleaned. So you clean it and check alignment, reset it by pulling out power plug. 48 hrs it goes off again. If your tank doesn't evaporate that quickly I dont see a way around this repetitive annoying alarm. It could be a very nice little ATO but appears to be to smart for my setup.
  • Same problem . Beeping all times By Not good ato on 6/22/2014

    Beeps all times , not very accurate . Won't recomend
  • Use with float switch for backup By pleco on 6/21/2014

    It works well most of the time, but should only be used with a back-up float switch to turn it off in case of high water level. Product worked flawlessly for me for the last two weeks until this morning when it malfunctioned and overfilled the sump, emptying the 10G reservoir over the course of one hour.
  • Best ATO ever By Nickbruh on 6/3/2014

    I have a 15 gallon rimless cube with sps and Los and designer zoas
    I was a big beleive in toppin off manually everyday ... Mad was I dumb with this ato I mean it comes with piping , a pump, I mean literally everything and was so dan easy to setup literally don't let the 149$ price tag fool you, this thing is fool proof I've been in the game for 6 months so I'm new to it if I knew this was the best ato I would have gotten it earlier , iHaTE float switches thy are ugly and too much wiring for me especially for a smaller tank with no sump a know
  • Awesome Product By lwood on 5/23/2014

    Very efficient and easy to put together, not at all complicated like most ATO's easy of use is 10/10. Sleek design for smaller systems such as mine. I will give it a 7/10 on price but it more than makes up for it in efficiency.
  • Wow. Works as advertised. By HappyRC on 5/19/2014

    Keeps my salinity in check. More importantly, when I am away from home for more than 1 week, my water level would get so low that I'd risk my overflow running dry. This ato device assures that my overflow will never run dry.

    My acrylic aquarium is a little thicker than the 1/2 inch that the product says it can do so I taped some Velcro below it to keep it from sliding down.

    NOTE: the device must be attached to a CLEAR glass/acrylic.
  • awesome!!! By amerykno on 5/6/2014

    this is an amazingly simple and excellent working product.
  • Great ATO! By ronstopbl on 5/1/2014

    Looked for quite some time for a good quality ATO system for my sump tank. With very limited room to work with, I finally narrowed it down to the AutoAqua ATO-Glad I did! This ATO is small and effective!. Very easy to set up and operate. Had one small alarm glitch which was quickly remedied by a call to tech dept. Quick reset and problem solved. Definitely a great purchase and addition to my set up! Thanks AUTOAQUA and BRS!
  • Perfect By Steve on 4/21/2014

    It works flawlessly. Simple as that.

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