Safeguard Cable Storage - Tunze

Safeguard Cable Storage - Tunze
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  • Safeguard Cable Storage - Tunze

Safeguard Cable Storage - Tunze

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  • TUNZE WIRE MANAGEMENT By on 4/7/2017

    The only difference between the BI VS the TUNZE is the material it's made out of. TUNZE BOX is made out of Made of flame retardant synthetic material vs the BI BOX is made out of scratch resistant ABS plastic! A course anything with TUNZE is going to very pricey but made solid.
  • BL are awesome By on 8/3/2016

    This product is awesome but they are charging you double for the TUNZE logo. I have 2 of these on red sea 450 and they look amazing when all your cords inside and keeps safe guards from water splashing.
  • Available without the Tunze logo but with the "bl" By on 8/3/2016

    This is made by Blue Lounge (the bl logo) and is available everywhere for roughly $30. If you really need the Tunze logo on here I'd buy it. If just the "bl" is enough for you buy it elsewhere. It's really a great product and we have a ton of them. Not sure what Tunze was thinking what they kind of private labeled these.