Aquarium Tongs - Tunze

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Aquarium Tongs - Tunze

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  • Good - A Little Big for 72 Gallon Tank By on 1/14/2017

    They work well, but they are difficult to use due to the size. This would be great if they were half as wide.
  • Tunze Tongs By on 7/18/2016

    These tongs are pretty good. You can grab stuff and use them to mount corals in the lower area of your tank. Be careful not to try to pick-up anything that exceeds the weight limit. Only downside is that they get water logged and leak water all over the place when u submerge.
  • Great tongs! By on 4/27/2016

    I mistakenly ordered different tongs (though I didn't know it at the time) because all tongs are NOT created equal! The original tongs were hollow and whenever I used them water was sucked in, making a mess when taking them out of the water. These tongs are sealed so no water gets in, and they are about five inches longer than the others :)
  • Very good quality !!! By on 4/24/2016

    I love mine and works great !!! Only downside is if you have canopy it's a little tricky . I just wish its bendable and that would be perfect !!!
  • Useful and Well Made By on 2/29/2016

    Tunes Aquarium Tongs are really well designed and well built. Plastic construction prevents rust. I use these in a 24" deep tank...a must for any deep tanks or when you just don't want to get your hands wet.
  • good tool but leaks By on 10/19/2015

    overall i really like this tool because i have managed to move big live rock around in my tank. I only rate this a 4 because this tool is hollow and every time you stick it in your tank it fills with water. every time I take it out of the tank i forget that its fill with water and it spills all the water out from the handle side down your armpit and all over the floor. make sure you empty it in the tank when your done using it before taking it out.
  • Perfect By on 9/7/2015

    I wish I had bought these years ago for my 180
    Nice and long and able to use them without getting my hands in the tank.
  • These are great By on 4/13/2015

    Bought them to use on my 210, don't know how I got along without them. Great constructions.
  • Great product! By on 3/28/2015

    Being 5'2" it's hard to reach into my tank. This is well constructed and are a great addition to my reef tool collection. It grips well and very light weight.
  • Great product ! By on 3/15/2015

    Works great!