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Tunze Coral Gum Instant
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  • Tunze Coral Gum Instant
  • Tunze Coral Gum

Tunze Coral Gum Instant

  • Somewhat Pleased By Geoff on 4/9/14

    Easy to work with and does not cause skimmer to over-react; however, it does not cure to a purple coralline color. The epoxy stands out like a sore thumb.
  • Highly recommended By mark on 4/1/14

    I watched the BRS video, and I agree with everything that Ryan said about other epoxies. I was hesitant to try this because of the cost, but I am glad I did. It mixes very fast, like 20 seconds, and bonds in about a minute. The great thing about it, and unlike anything else, is that it is very soft and pliable. This allows it to really bond to many different types of corals. I did not try to bond rock together like the other reviewer, so I can't comment on that one. Try this stuff you will really like it.
  • Thought it was going to be a better product. By Andy on 3/30/14

    I purchase this instant gum to use for my live rock and was not happy with the results. I was using it to bond together the rock and yes it is cleaner in regards to the tank water not becoming cloudy but i thought it would glue my rocks much faster for the price. I will only use it for my gluing of corals but not for aquascaping.

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