Coral Gum Instant - Tunze

Tunze Coral Gum Instant
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  • Tunze Coral Gum Instant
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Coral Gum Instant - Tunze

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120 g Coral Gum Instant - Tunze
SKU: 208023
400 g Coral Gum Instant - Tunze
SKU: 208024
  • Works well but is expensive By on 5/16/2016

    I really like this stuff but man is it expensive. I went through the 120 gram container mounting 4 frag plugs to my live rock.
  • Easy to mix, but ineffective By on 1/19/2016

    Well, I had great hopes for this product... and it does well if you don't put any pressure on the bond. Very neat and clean tho'. I have to recommend E-Marco-400 which easily reconnected my Real Reef Branch Rock which arrived shattered in many pieces. (BRS shipping department sent the rock with a 20 lb. bag of sand-UGH!!) Yes, E-Marco is a little messier, but forms a strong, solid bond in 20 mins. I tried reattaching the many pieces with both products. While the Coral Gum has a near instant bond, that bond does not hold - so no rock to rock use. It might work better if you were trying to cement a frag down into a hole... but not flat to flat surface grip.
  • Great Product By on 11/26/2015

    I have just tried this out for the first time today and was really impressed with it. The gum is super soft and easy to mix and work with and doesn't leave a mess on your hands or in the water. The coral stuck at least as well as any other epoxy that I have used. Another thing that I really appreciated is that it didn't seem to negatively affect my skimmer like other epoxies.
  • Awful By on 10/23/2015

    Tried Coral-to-frag, frag-to-rock and rock-to-rock bonding the epoxy doesn't stick. If you somehow do get it to stick, it easily pops off with very little force. Do not recommend.
  • No mess, works great! By on 8/15/2015

    This stuff is awesome! Mixes with wet hands, no mess, not really any smell, and definitely holds. Just make sure you mix it really well with your fingers, and like some people have said it is epoxy not glue. You do have to press it into something (the rock) really well so it can harden and stay. If not it will not do what you want it too.
  • No Mess By on 7/14/2015

    No Mess
  • Works Well By on 1/10/2015

    I bought this to use on my aquascape. I used it create tree like structures with the rock, I did use acrylic rod in the middle but used this to hold things together. I can say that it works. Ultimately, it is epoxy and not glue, so if you want it to stick to rock, make sure you push it into the rock well.
  • good and easy 400g only By on 12/29/2014

    Two part 400g mix that we like lot here at ReefDVMs. Dont care for smaller size one works only so so. 400 is different then 104 by the way
  • Simply the best By on 7/3/2014

    For me, this is simply the best. Zero smell. It works outside my tank or underwater. My skimmer does not go nuts as is the case with every other epoxy I've tried.

    To attach a frag, I generally put a dab of BRS thick glue on it, followed by a small bit of mixed "gum", with another small dab of BRS thick glue on top of that. In it goes to my tank, a quick press into place with a slight turn. Hold for a few seconds, and it's there.

    The only disadvantage I see to this produce is the price. Definitely on the high end!
  • Not worth the money! By on 5/14/2014

    What a waste of money. I tried to stick a frag to a piece of rock and it just fell off. I had a $200 dollar Harlequin Tuskfish pick it up and almost swallow it. I'm just upset it cost as much as it did to not work.

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