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Kessil A Series Gooseneck 90° Adapter

Kessil A360 Gooseneck 90° Adapter
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  • Kessil A360 Gooseneck 90° Adapter
  • MACNA 2013: Kessil LED Lights

Kessil A Series Gooseneck 90° Adapter

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  • Gooseneck adaptor By Joseph on 3/2/2015

    Knew when I ordered it, it's not worth $20 but I needed it to get the light further away from my tank and makes the gooseneck look better and have more reach. Should be included with the gooseneck at no extra cost but all aquarium supplies are overpriced anyway.
  • You'll need this but should you need to pay for it? By Zeek the Dog on 2/25/2015

    Got this with a Tuna Blue Kessil light, gooseneck and a controller. Very easy to set up, but…………….this really should come with the gooseneck and not be a separate item. Without this it will be hard to get your light level (perpendicular) with the surface of the tank. If the light is not at 90 deg. to the surface of the water and point out a bit, a far amount of light from the unit will shot right out toward your eyes. If you’re going to have to pay for this then perhaps it should also be engineered to extent up and down……..perhaps several inches in each direction. Just a thought.
  • Clean and Elegant By John on 2/2/2015

    Simple to use and gives you more options for positioning your Kessil above your tank. Clean and contemporary look keeps your reef looking great, inside and out.
  • Works great with my A360 By Seth on 12/3/2014

    Works great to get the extra desired height on the light and get it centered to your tank and still remain level.
  • Very Clean By JimVision on 11/10/2014

    Makes the Gooseneck even better. Highly recommended.
  • Finally Kessil is flat and level By Johnny Sea on 10/25/2014

    This was a great addition to finally get my Kessil flat and level to the water. Before adding this the gooseneck caused my kessil to aim slightly forward versus straight down.
  • Extend your gooseneck By Christian on 9/26/2014

    Allows me to get my Kessil out over the middle of 24" deep tank.
  • Not compatible with the a350w or gooseneck By David on 6/18/2014

    Not compatible with the a350w or with the old gooseneck different thread pattern
  • Does what it needs to do By Tyler on 5/15/2014

    I have these for my A360W E's and they do what they are designed for. Definitely a more contemporary look than a arched gooseneck. Raise the LED's nicely.
  • Great add-on for an already fantastic LED/gooseneck mount combo! By darthweezy on 2/8/2014

    This adapter leaves my Kessil 360s with a more contemporary look. Very easy to install and they look great!

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