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Kessil A360 Gooseneck 90° Adapter
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  • Kessil A360 Gooseneck 90° Adapter
  • MACNA 2013: Kessil LED Lights

Kessil A Series Gooseneck 90° Adapter

SKU: 208103

  • Great add-on for an already fantastic LED/gooseneck mount combo! By darthweezy on 2/8/14

    This adapter leaves my Kessil 360s with a more contemporary look. Very easy to install and they look great!
  • Does what its supposed to By Ashreef on 12/9/13

    Simply put it does what its supposed to. Looks nice and it integrates perfectly with the gooseneck. This allows me to fine tune where my light goes a little more. I have an old surfline tank so one side is a bit wider than the other. This allowed me to compensate for that.
  • Bewildered by KENNYWIZ By Dumbfoundead... on 12/2/13

    It sounds like you need to go out and buy a new gooseneck. What's the problem. I'm not sure how it's this particular products fault, nor do I understand how it helps us for you to give this product a one star?!? Do more research next time and remember caveat emptor (let the buyer beware). This along with a new gooseneck is a fantastic product that attractively mounts my Kessil.
  • ONLY WORKS WITH NEW GOOSENECK By kennywiz on 11/26/13


    I received one of these with the intent of using it with my Kessil 350 and Gooseneck. To my surprise, the threads do not match up with the Gooseneck. Spoke to Kessil and found they changed the thread pitch on their goosenecks after the release of the 360. Unless you have a RECENT Gooseneck IT WILL NOT WORK!!!

    Kessil is claiming they told the distributors to note this.


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