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AI Director - Aqua Illumination
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  • AI Director - Aqua Illumination

AI Director Wireless Controller
Aqua Illumination

SKU: 208095

  • Horrible By Mikey on 12/11/2014

    This product makes sense until it arrives in the mail. Then, it just does NOT work. Sorry, great idea, but horrible execution, clearly no QA/QC on this one.
  • Don't Listen to the Naysayers By Danny on 12/6/2014

    I was skeptical of purchasing this product after all the negative reviews. I nearly didn't because of them. After receiving the controller I did all the updates and started messing with the spectrum. I had the lights for 3 months with only the ability to turn them on through their 6 preset modes and discovered with the controller that my white and royal blue spectrum were not functioning. It took a long time to complete the updates required but no longer than an update on a video game console. The best part is that when I reported my failed spectrum on the Hydras to AI, they sent me two new lights with pre paid return shipping no questions asked. I reported it on a Monday and had two new lights by Thursday. I will always buy in confidence with this company based on their customer service.
  • Stay Away By Thinker 23 on 11/17/2014

    Unstable, nothing but problems. Stay away or be prepared for a frustrating experience
  • Wasn't thoroughly tested by AI By Great in theory on 5/5/2014

    The idea of this product is great... control your lights from your computer or phone. Except I think AI released the product without testing it appropriately. Since the day I purchased this product my lights have not worked properly. The director does not connect wirelessly (I have it connected to ethernet), the power is continuously lost which makes my light malfunction (they'll stay on all day or not turn on at all), updating the firmware continuously fails, I've had to reset my lights and director at least once a day since I bought it, I've spent days at a time without lights on my tank because I had to disconnect the power (or the lights would stay on all night). I could go on but the point is that this product was a waste of money.

    All in all, if you're set on AI, I would go for the controller. Stay away from the director.
  • Not what it should be By Frank on 4/1/2014

    I would not get this unit at this point, their are software issues. Your lights will not work right. But you need to wait for the large software update this could come out with in the next few weeks.
    And then I don't know if this is the way to go at this point. But for the money this is what you get issue after issue as for calling AI they try to help you but the tech are tide as well. not right for this company to do this. And as for anyone who' s don't have the money to spend this is what you will get is issue. Not what I would have thought I deal with.
  • Takes time, but i now trust it to work By Alex on 3/11/2014

    I was very disappointed when i purchased the director, and ended up using the other controller i had.

    The next day, a new update was available fixing the bugs i was having, what a "coincidence"!

    Now that i have set up the system, and contacted customer service after having minor problems that were my fault, everything now works.

    I believe that it is best to factory reset ALL the lights you own BEFORE you hook them up to the director, then update the firmware. I had problems before i did, and no longer have problems after resetting them.
  • Easy to Use By Victor on 3/11/2014

    The Director made setting up my Hydra's easy, it did have a few bugs with the wireless, maybe because it wasn't connecting to my wireless AP, I was able to solve that issue by wiring it up to my network.
  • A little disappointed By Mike on 3/2/2014

    I bought this to control my Vegas figuring it would give me all the controllability that was promised with the Vegas. NOT....You have the same level of control as you do with Hydras. Bottom line...I could have saved $300 buying 3 Hydra fixtures and got purple and uv to boot. I spoke with AI about this and the promise more features will become available with future firmware upgrades but this has left a bit of a sour taste in my mouth. I didnt have any trouble connecting it to the internet or my lights as mentioned in other reviews. I guess overall I'm pleased with the Director it is much better than the previous controller option.
  • Love it but make sure you get the latest firmware By HM on 1/31/2014

    When I first got it I had problems we it from a faulty cable to requiring a manual update. But the AI support is really great. I alway got a response the same day.

    I've had It up for about 2 months now and my corals are really responding great. I have my weather set to match the Barrier reef and it's cool to see the light change everyday. Stormy days are great when you see all the lightning.

    Corals really like it too because since installing my flowerpot coral started giving me babies. Never did it before the new light fixture with weather matching and lunar cycle.
  • Works great after firmware updates By Frank on 1/26/2014

    I ended up going with the AI lights rather than Eco Tech for my new reef. The deciding factor was the whole system would be cheaper. The Hydra 52 has 52 LEDs and 7 channels, and UV lights for $599 and the Radions only have 38 LED's, 6 channels, and no UV for $649. To top it off, the AI director is only $99 compared to $200 for Ecotechs Reef Link.

    The director was rushed to market but I bought it later so the firmware updates had already fixed the problems people have experienced. It is basically a little black box that you control with your computer. I wire it directly to my network so I have now experience with issues you may encounter linking it to your wifi.

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