ReefLink Wireless Controller - EcoTech Marine

ReefLink Wireless Controller - EcoTech Marine
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  • ReefLink Wireless Controller - EcoTech Marine
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ReefLink Wireless Controller - EcoTech Marine

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  • Works Great By CG on 1/23/2016

    Had to write a review just because of the negatives, If you have even a little bit of experience with electronics you'll have this running great all the time. The few issues i have had were because of my poor wireless router which was dropping the connection to all devices in the house (including my hardwired reef link), once I upgraded the router I have had no issues imagine that. If it tells you the device needs to be restored when your device has been working fine for weeks or months, restart it and give it 30 minutes to refresh and you'll find it will connect to your account once again. This is a great device that gives me flexibility to control my reefs flow and program lighting schedules with no problems, if you on the fence id say go for it.
  • Keep your calm, It can be done By Ben on 10/30/2015

    For lack of a 3.5 star option, I heir on the positive side when it comes to Ecotech because they do have excellent customer service.

    So here is the rundown. I own an aquarium design firm. I work with frustrating equipment fairly regularly... So I may have a stronger tolerance towards the hiccups that I can assume you'll probably run into when trying to dial in this device. Just for what it's worth.

    First things first, go through the walk through that the card in the box suggest. As soon as you have it recognized on your pc, be sure to do a firmware update. I can see where one might think, "Why would a brand new product need an update already?" Well, it does. And getting on a level playing field right out the gate makes things a lot less frustrating.

    Other Tips:
    - Connect it to a router, it has an option for wireless, don't kid yourself. (This unit comes with an ethernet cable)
    - Before you even open the box. Pull your devices up through EcoSmartLive and just make sure you have all your ducks in a row. This means, have you aquarium named, have your devices named, make sure you can in fact adjust the program. For some even this step can be enough to get you steamed, others it's a no brainer. Just depends on how you individually manage your equipment.

    ******Be sure you have the connection manager downloaded. When it's been 6-8 months since the last time I've configured I forget this step.*****

    - After you have your devices all configured with the hardwire direct to your pc/mac. Start fresh. I even restarted my computer. It may sound way overkill, but with Ecotech I like to make sure the connection manager is fully closed out, I'm logged out of EcoSmartLive and I can do things in the proper order without accidentally having left something open.

    My experience (and that's all it is), is Ecotech products work amazingly well and far exceed the industry standard for control when you do each step, carefully, and in the correct order. Maybe that's a lot to ask for products that aren't exactly cheap, but when you get these things firing on all cylinders... It's a good day.

    Best of luck!
  • I have to keep redoing it from a factory reset everytime i try to use it By Dave on 9/24/2015

    This thing is a joke, everytime i want to use it i have delete my account and start over with a factory reset this this is the biggest waste of 100 bucks they make great lights and fans stay away from this thing what a waste of money
  • Smooth installatiion By RJ on 9/18/2015

    The Reef Link wireless controller was my second Eco Tech purchase. Purchased a Vectra M1 and this is the only, so far, Eco Tech product on my network. My network is quite busy and it handles video streaming , two computers, Apex system. The Reef Link installed without a hitch and was fully recognized by my router.

  • Reeflink By TJ on 9/7/2015

    This product is great for programming Ecotech devices. I use this to program my radions and vortechs. It is a little quirky when trying to use it with the wireless, but once I plugged it into the router I've never had another issue.
  • Works Well By Phil on 9/2/2015

    I've had this for a couple weeks now and it's controlling two Radions XW30 G3 Pro's and two MP 40 QD without any issues. The radions connected without hesitations, but I did have a problem with the MP40. I had forgotten I had put them in Master/Slave mode prior to getting the reeflnk, and once I reset power heads back to default they connected right up without problems. The programming has been simple and EcoSmart live is easy to use and monitor.
  • Room for improvement By THRAPY on 8/13/2015

    I really like this little guy. Keeps me from having to plug my laptop into the Radion or manually program the Vortech. That being said, I agree with everyone else here. It's buggy on wifi and loses connectivity fairly often. Oddly, when the status button is red, yellow, green I can't connect via the phone app, but if I log into the system from my laptop over the web, it re-initializes and works fine. Obviously a little more work needs to be done to make it more stable. Hopefully there will be a new firmware version for the Vectra pumps that will make this work better.
  • Do not purchase Reeflink unless you love headaches By Brian on 7/17/2015

    This thing is a piece of garbage. It works 100% of the time 10% of the time. You have to continually power cycle it to get the devices to show up, then when you finally get it working, it freezes and you have to start all over about half way through your changes. I contacted EcoTech customer service and they were about as helpful as you would expect... Meaning they just wanted to reset the device and try to update it and reset it back to factory settings. It was like talking to a cable provider; EcoTech would just not admit that maybe this is a faulty device.
  • Good product needs better wireless. By Brandon on 7/13/2015

    Had to call tech support after watching it connect and disconnect over and over. So now it is hookup by cat 6. It works fine just the wireless is weak.
  • Ho-Hum By Sapelo on 5/21/2015

    Yeah, it does what they say it will do -- sometimes.
    Yeah, it's cool and mostly plug and play -- sometimes.
    Sure, I like having it, but with all of the innovations from Ecotech, it would be nice for them to spend a little time to work out the kinks.

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