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ReefLink Wireless Controller - EcoTech Marine

ReefLink Wireless Controller - EcoTech Marine
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  • ReefLink Wireless Controller - EcoTech Marine
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ReefLink Wireless Controller - EcoTech Marine

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  • LOVE IT SOMETIMES By Benjamin on 3/5/2015

    Purchased the Reef Link, I love the ECOTECH product lines. I have (2) Radion XR30W G3 Pro lights, and (2) Vortech MP40 pumps. I was very excited to ge the reef link, I like the idea of a complete package from one MFG like ECOTECH. When I first started up the reeflink i had a hard time getting it to link to my computer. All was solved once I updated my computer and the Reeflink. Since the only trouble I have had is the update on the iphone every once in awhile the new update from Ecotech Live will freeze up the iphone. Love the feed function and the lighting effects. As the software improves I enjoy this product more.
  • Great product By Oregonrain on 2/17/2015

    This is a fun toy to add! I love being able to change things from my iPhone or computer. I love that you can add a feeding schedule to the pump and the thunderstorms are really fun with the sound affects. Customer service was amazing to work with!
  • Inconsistent wireless connection By Jim on 2/17/2015

    After three months of use, innumerable resets, upgrades, and calls to customer service I continue to experience only intermittent wireless connection to my Radion. No other issues with my router. Fortunately I don't need to frequently change my Radion settings. I'm hoping the latest firmware will fix the problem, but I'm not betting on it. Also ESL web site needs major user interface upgrade.
  • it makes your life easier By JPAUDIO on 2/8/2015

    It makes programming Ecotech radion lighting and vortech pumps easier an it also makes it possible for your vortech pumps to change to different patterns through out the day
  • it makes life easier By john on 2/8/2015

    it makes programming Ecotech radion lights and vortech pumps easier
  • Nice Product - Does what it is supposed to do By Scott on 1/19/2015

    I recently purchased the Reeflink. I have a VorTech MP40es and MP60es and 3 Radion G2s. When I first went through the setup process of updating the firmware and running the setup application on my Mac, I had to go through couple times, but it got updated with little delay. Once I had it find my wireless network, then I had it find the lights and the pumps, and it did so with only 1 re-attempt. I then proceeded to program the lights and the pumps, but the one step I failed to realize, was that I had to hit the icon on the iPhone application, to program the devices. Beforehand, I didn't do it, and the settings didn't stick. Once I did that, no issues. Works great. only wish there was a little more information - especially on the application, on sync vs. anti-sync. Great tool and would recommend to others. For those that are scared of the setup/internet, understand that if you don't know how to deal with firmware updates and wireless configurations and some minor setup items - i..E. you know more than how to just type in a web address - it may take a little bit to understand what has to be done to get it up and running
  • Once I got it working...loving it. By japicka on 1/7/2015

    The setup was a bit more painful than I would have liked, I could NEVER get the thing to work wirelessly. I would have it the thing connected to my computer via the USB wire and it said it had connected to the internet (valid IP and DNS set up), but it would never get the full blue ring after ALOT of minutes. So just set it up wired, as I can have it close to my router and my tank with no issues. Once I upgraded the firmware on my pumps, I was all set. I love the fact that I can make quick changes on the fly from my phone or computer with out having to drag out cables or go digging in the stand to get to the pump controllers. I would give it 5 stars if it had been a quick set up instead of a couple of hours trying to figure out why it would not work on my wireless network.
  • Frustrating, Very Frustrating By Thomas on 1/3/2015

    Sounds great -- being able to wirelessly program your ultra high-tech Radion light(s) and Vortech pump(s) to perform really neat effects and important functions -- right? Wrong! You will find the EcoSmart Live dashboard difficult to navigate and anything but intuitive; something that should have been so simple was made unnecessarily complex. And, when you do attempt to access your EcoSmart Live account -- whether it is to upgrade, or troubleshoot, or to simply adjust your lights/pumps -- you will very frequently (about 50% of the time) receive a pop-up message from EcoTech: "We are currently experiencing issues that might prevent you from communicating with your devices. You can continue using the site, but it would be best if you checked back later." How nice of EcoTech! Their lights are nice; their pumps are nice; their ReefLink is not.
  • Needs work By Rhodes87 on 1/1/2015

    Still a little glitchy. I have had the reef link for a week now and it will not go more then a few days before it losses connection witch from what I read in different places seems to be a common problem among other users. I will say however that it is really nice to have something to control your vortech pumps witch is the only thing I'm controlling with it. Maybe released a little early but still a nice little toy to have.
  • Super Easy To Use By kris on 12/23/2014

    Very easy to use. Seamless integration. Would recommend this to anyone! Fun to play around with the phone app now so that I can wirelessly change my radions.

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