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Reef Octopus Classic 150 Space Saver Protein Skimmer - View 2
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  • Reef Octopus Classic 150 Space Saver Protein Skimmer - View 2
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Reef Octopus Classic 150 Space Saver Protein Skimmer

SKU: 208043

  • Great Skimmer By Joe on 9/10/2014

    I have a 75 gallon reef aquarium with a 20 gallon refugium. The skimmer was very easy to put together. I love the craftsmanship of the skimmer, The parts are very sturdy well worth my money. The skimmer itself was a little larger than expected, so it just fit in the first compartment of my refugium. The skimmer runs very very quiet. To adjust is very simple and easy. After installing it within two hours it was already collecting skimmate. I would recommend this product to anyone.
  • Great Skimmer By Greg on 8/11/2014

    I needed a skimmer that would fit an Aqueon Proflex 3 and this one fits the bill. I ran a fuge so I did have to plumb in an external return pump to fit it all.

    It took a few days to break in and there was a fair amount of micro bubbles hitting the display tank during that time. It wasn't a big deal as the tank was new but I could see having to get creative with foam if I installed this on a live tank. After break in it's skimming horrible smelly green stuff perfectly out of the system.

    Water level control is key with the skimmer. More so in the too much water range. If you overfill the sump by even half an inch the skimmer will be pouring water into the collection cup. A good ATO is key.
  • Best skimmer for the price By tb5663 on 7/19/2014

    I have 27g cube w/mostly lps/softies and 4 fish + CUC. I target feed heavily, use phyto, rotifer and other stuff. This things starts right away - no break in period. Gets dark green stuff, easily adjusted. Super easy to take apart and clean, Highly recommend
  • Pretty decent for the money By Todd on 5/19/2014

    I have this running on a 90 gallon mixed reef with 25 gallon sump. Various corals, SPS dominated. 6 fish in there now and plan on adding a few more in the future. Mine sits in about 10" of water although the recommendation is for shallower, I just adjust the wedge pipe and set it to where I want and it skims very well. It's a little on the noisy side IMO - a decent hum to it. Build quality is great, and the wedge pipe is so much better than a gate valve - any day of the week.
  • worlds apart from back pack skimmer By steven on 12/22/2013

    Tank 30 gal cube with 9 gal sump and bio pellet reactor. 2 clown fish, a 6 line wrasse, and cleaner crew. Skimmer work great even with user error, first 12 hours started pulling tea color skimmate even with fluctuating water level in sump (sump need to be upgrade next) my cpr back pack skimmer wouldn't start pulling for at least a week. I chose this skimmer due to the fact I would like to upgrade my tank in the future wanted a skimmer that could handle a heavy load. So far I am impressed with this unit good build quality, directions are not that great but the system is very intuitive no air lines that need to be adjusted, just a simple twist of the pipe to adjust level in skimmer. (note appropriate water level for skimmer is actually 7.9" to 8.7" according to the manufacture)

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